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Operations Supervisor Interview Questions


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the questions were normal and the interview was great, and I in turn, did a great job!

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just wish all interviews were like that!

What do you feel should be changed or fixed about the department you are applying for?

1 Answer

If a salesperson brought you an job request to fulfill and you were already fully booked, how would you handle the request.

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What kind of business book have you been reading?

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Name a time you helped a poor performing employee improve. Name a time you dealt with an irate customer, difficult employee/coworker. Name a time you disagreed with management decision.

If an employee was “insubordinate, how would you react ?) Insubordinate!?! Who uses this word?

1 Answer

They ask you questions on past behavior as it predicts future behavior. They ask you past situational and or task questions and what the end result was....

Provide an example of a challenge you faced and how you resolved it?

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Why do you think you are a fit for the organization?

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We were in a unionized environment, how comfortable are you in such an environment?

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