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Name a specific time where you have motivated your staff to do something.

2 Answers

If you have any years of supervisory experience, 1 specific time doesn't really stand out. They should be looking for your management style...

Regardless the question warrants an answer. With years of experience you should have an answer. You could remind the associate of the benefits to their job and how important it is to the greater good.

The HR Manager was frustrated with me &/or my answer for the best approach to deal with a staff member who is potentially missing an up-sell as they check out the customer. I said it depends on the relationship and opportunity to involve yourself, without taking over and perhaps demotivating your staff. Worst case, I would discuss with said staff member after the customer was happily dealt with. She has the Store Manager come speak to me as I filled out the references form, which I felt went well and took as a positive sign.

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No real difficult questions for a confident, experienced manager and good communicator. Questions mostly based on how well one can relate real instances of customer facing, satisfaction / dissatisfaction, situation handling, problem solving and team management experiences.

How do you deal with insubordination?

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Why should we hire you?

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In one word describe yourself .

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Tell me about a time where you saw a customer, walking in the aisles looked confused. How would you deal with that? What would you consider to be a successful sales interaction?

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situational question eg: tell me the example on how did you supported and made someone learn about something

Where do you see yourself in a month, 3 months and 6 months

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