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HP Inc.
Electrical Hardware Design Engineer was asked...February 14, 2018

Q: What does a capacitor look like at high frequency?

5 Answers

A: A capacitor looks like a capacitor, inductor, and resistor in series at high frequency. Less

A short

Its an short circuit at very high frequencies. Look at the impedance for a capacitor and you'll notice that the frequency is inversely related to it. (also note that capacitor impedance is purely reactive). Therefore, as frequency increases the impedance approaches 0, which acts like a short. (an inductor is the opposite) Less

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Asked to describe a component, a car relay from a fusebox (of course I named it incorrectly but knew what it was and what it did)

2 Answers

I answered incorrectly but i described what it did and where it was located within a car Less

For the egg drop are the any specific materials given that you have to use for the product design Less


Asked about experience and resume as well as experience with their tools.

2 Answers

They said it was nice if candidates had experience with Libero

Do you mind sharing recruiting agency?

Karpinski Engineering

Do you know anything about electrical design?

2 Answers

I was kind of stumped because he was asking it in a belittling question.

I am sorry you had an unpleasant experience. Since this was through a recruiter, please understand that behavior is not a reflection of Karpinski Engineering or our culture. We sincerely apologize. Less

Cypress Semiconductor

They asked about control systems - damping coefficient, opamp based tough questions, very easy mux and counter based questions, RLC circuit problems

1 Answers

Be honest. If you dont know, just say them sorry, I am not aware of this. Dont try to be oversmart, be confident. Less

Amec Foster Wheeler

Do You know PDS EE raceways and smart plant review?

1 Answers

Yes 14 years exp.

Cypress Semiconductor

About MTECH Projects

1 Answers

Provide details and explained the project details

Chiyoda Corporation

Technical questions

1 Answers

Technical answer

Enercon Services

Core quesstion on job role

1 Answers

Skill set gained previous company


what is this circuit?

1 Answers

Sepic regulator. Can convert up or down

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