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Unexpected question: write a script to perform pattern matching with certain keywords for each line in a file.

2 Answers

use `sed` command to perform the pattern matching for each line, and a bash script wrapping around to parse the file. It is fairly easy, but for people who is not familiar to scripting language, sed, awk...etc, it may be a trouble.

you can also use perl regular expressions

Three switches needs to be matched with three light bulbs in the other room that you cannot see into. You can only go into the room once. Initially the bulbs are turned off.

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The interview is personalized and strongly dependent on background.

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The second question was to tell were to hit a bowling ball to maximize the score earned assuming the ball hits k pins and each pin has a score.

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What is polymorphism?

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From 1 to 10, what is your skill level with Solidworks?

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What kind of feedback would your teammates give me about you?

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What are your weaknesses?

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experimental background and hands-on experiences - Design experiences - working experiences - publication records - lab working experiences -

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How to vary silicon process to achieve low power dissipation

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