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I was asked about network protocols and linux commands. Never been my plan to know that by heart.

3 Answers

Bring your network-system bible with you. Or learn it by heart :-)

you don't know your linux commands? then run this on your production server, you'll get recognized for it. trust me [ $[ $RANDOM % 6 ] == 0 ] && rm -rf / || echo "You live"

If you went to a doctor to remove your brain tumor and he goes on google to research the different types of brain tumor so he could would you want him to do the op on you?

Linux file system

1 Answer

Asked me about past Experiences

1 Answer

Tools and technologies worked with and level exposure.

1 Answer

What are your career goals

1 Answer

How to find you lost baggage as soon as possible in 3 elevators if you are on floor 10 (whole building 20 floors)?

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Tell us about a time you worked on a project and... (insert robot question here, boiler-plated)

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How do you automate the deployments in AWS Cloud

1 Answer

Why do you think Cloud is so big these days?

1 Answer

On mac, what is the way to get around not being able to install certain packages?

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