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How much do you know this area (research topic)?

1 Answer

No very specific technical questions.

Details about SVM XOR problem How does the Gibbs sampler work for word prediction some NLP questions that I did not understand

1 Answer

How many masters degrees do you have for this position as project manager? How many years experience do you have in the construction industry?

1 Answer

To describe my experience in writing software to control a specific medical imaging product and what would I change about the framework of the platform I was used to working on if I could.

1 Answer

Describe a situation where you had to be innovative to solve a research question.

1 Answer

What's your experience that fits the position?

1 Answer

What are you strengths?

1 Answer

Simple questions asked, most of them related to working overtime to meet deadlines.

1 Answer

Which one of the absolute distance or square distance (say when applying a regression method) is better and why?

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What do you think is the biggest difficulty in adapting from working in academia to working in industry?

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