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The coding interview consisted of a single problem: find how many sequences of integers sum up to a given number (e.g. if the input is 9, there are 2 sequences (2,3,4 and 4,5)).

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I was able to provide a brute-force solution using two for loops, as well as some linear optimizations. The interviewers expected me to remember there is a closed solution formula for adding a sequence of integers (as knowing that formula it is possible to not have an inner loop in the solution).

Details about SVM XOR problem How does the Gibbs sampler work for word prediction some NLP questions that I did not understand

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difference between hidden markov models vs lstm in using it for text prediction

Questions about my previous experience in Deep Learning field, the entire interview was mostly about it.

How would you respond to peers that do not agree with you and therefore will not be able to achieve consensus ?

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