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describe the 3 aspects of the project management triangle

5 Answers

scope, resources & time

Thats an absolutely correct answer

It's actually time, quality and cost according to the PMBOK

Why do you want this job!

3 Answers

What skills and experience do you think you can bring to this role?

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Why do you want to work here?

2 Answers

Willing to work after hours?

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Underwear not reaturnable, but customer hasn't been told at the purchase, what would you do ?

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Why did you apply on the job?

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What are your weaknesses?

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Most questions asked throughout were fairly standard interview questions but I particularly liked this behavioral question posed in the group interview about prioritization - "If given these following three tasks on a busy day, how would you prioritize them - 1) Respond to another sales rep about a request from a smaller client (academic) 2) Respond to a sales rep about a request from a larger client (pharma) 3) Prepare a presentation for the manager"

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Experience and qualification

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