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Given 100 white marbles and 100 black marbles and two jaws. Put these marbles in the two jars in a way that would maximize the chance of retrieving a white marble from any given jaw.

4 Answers

divide black marbles into the two jars first. then divide the white marbles on top of that in the two jars.

Really that is what you would answer? What if they stirred the jars around after you distributed the marbles? Personally I think a better answer is to put 1 white marble in the first far and 99 white marbles and 100 black marbles in the second jar. If you choose the jar at random you now have a 74.87% chance of getting a white marble, regardless of the marbles position in the jar.

qq is right, that is the optimum combination.

What scripting/UNIX projects have you worked on (Difficult for me since I hadn't done any)

1 Answer

How would you make this production ready

1 Answer

They asked if I had issues is having my professional expertise recognised, despite my unorthodox appearance.

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3 situational questions. Name a time when... 1) you made sure your work was of the highest quality & how 2) you collected data from multiple sources. What did you do with the information? 3) you failed to submit something on time. What did you learn?

1 Answer

How would you value a vehicle?

2 Answers

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What salary do you expect? (unprofessional question to ask a candidate recommended by a headhunter, salary discussions were uncalled for in the company interview)

1 Answer

Why do you apply for this job? Do you have time for a tech interview next week?

General data structure structure and algorithm questions, how would I then change design of algorithm to use it in a distributed environment?

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