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What is the maximum number of Friday the 13ths in any given year?

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seriously? wtf kind of question is this?

3. If we take the modulus of each month’s amount of days / 7 and add that to the previous month’s result of the same equation, we can find that the result for the months of February, March and November is 3. With the remainder of three days, this permits that if a Friday the 13th were to occur in February, it would have to occur in March and November considering they have same remainder of days from a full 3 or 4 week’s worth. Therefore the calendars for February, March and November should look identical (save February being short 3 days compared to March and November). There’s some trick for a leap year but I honestly don’t remember how that goes.

Phone interview was pre-screening and I was mostly asked behaviour questions and about past experiences. There were a couple of technical questions about C and operating systems, like what is the difference between real-time OS and general OS. Second interview went quite the same way. We talked about previous projects. The interviewer tried to challenge by throwing many question on the projects we discussed. They were very heavy on process and documentation. Like what is the name of this document that you wrote? Then they asked to write a small code in C, to flip a string. They asked a few questions about operating systems, e.g. process/thread/synchronization.

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What is a Hash? How do you deal with collisions in a hash? What is an unbalanced binary tree? What is the underlying structure of a hash and binary tree?

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What is your favorite game of all time?

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How would you and what would you bring to our organisation and program?(Technical expertise)

What motivates you? e.g. what makes it so that when you get home you will want to work on something.

Asked about data structures (hashtable), database.

the manager kept stressing on taking some course related to programming.

OS, networking, algorithms, problem solving.

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