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Assembler I was asked...March 14, 2018

Are you able to work overtime?

2 Answers

Yes. I able to work overtime

Yes. I able to work overtime

Assembler I was asked...September 17, 2017

How little will I accept as pay??

2 Answers

After telling HR what I needed for a starting pay and then asked in. I was asked "what is the lowest pay I would accept". haha. You know, young girl with an HR degree from Franklin and first job. ready to save the company $50 a week. kind of thing. Less

That's absolutely a degrading job if you ask me. Look at everything the company wants you to do, then ask! "What's the lowest you can work for" come on people, REALLY, GET AHOLD OF YOUR SELVES. Less

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In the exam, for example, the questions were: The start screen of the computer, what is it called?

1 Answers

A) App b) Start c) Desktop… is letter C


Would I consider a lower wage?

1 Answers

No, if I was worth 9.00 as a temp then I should be worth more as an employee full time. But did not get more only the same amount. Less

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how long have you work in the manufacturing industry?

1 Answers

over 20 yrs


What tools do I have

1 Answers

Tell them the tools I have

Assembler I was asked...February 9, 2021

What would you do if the work don't get done?

1 Answers

I would ask my lead if I can stay and help to finish the work.

Assembler I was asked...September 2, 2020

Will I be able to work night shifts

1 Answers



My past accomplishments

1 Answers

I told him that I had worked successfully for three and a half years and had grown a little through the ranks. I had been put in charge of some more complicated tasks and had no problem learning how to do what was asked of me. Less

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In the exam, for example, the questions were: If I am going to turn off a computer, what do I do?

1 Answers

A) I press the button where I turned it on b) I look for start and put shut down c) I disconnect it from the power … is letter B Less

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