Internist Job Description

What is an Internist?

As an Internist you will provide medical care in an outpatient medical office and be affiliated with a local hospital. You will be responsible for seeing patients with a variety of chronic and acute symptomology in 15-30-minute increments. Keen analytical skills to make quick decisions is essential.

The ideal candidate will have a U.S. medical license and an active DEA registration are required. Previous experience and a recognized passion for providing medical care in a medical office setting is a must. You will have an excellent bedside manner with patients of a diverse population an be able to communicate medical conditions and in-office procedures in layman's terms.

Internist Job Description Template

Job Overview

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Responsibilities for Internist

  • Complete frequent daily Patient visits
  • Mentor Internal Medicine Residents in their Internal Medicine rotation
  • Supervise Nursing Staff
  • Diagnose patients and develop treatment plans
  • Order referrals for diagnostic testing with other medical providers
  • Accurately Chart patient treatment plan
  • Prescribe appropriate drugs to patients, as treatment plans dictate
  • Explain procedures in layman's terms to patients and family members before and after procedures

Qualifications for Internist

  • Board Certified as an Internist, required
  • Valid DEA number to prescribe medications
  • 5+ years of experience in a general medical practice
  • Maintain product knowledge on new medications in the field
  • Able to use a computer and other office technology
  • Skilled in providing long-term care of adults
  • Able to stand for long periods of time
  • Excellent decision-making abilities when presented with patient complaints
  • Superior analytical skills in determining best treatment plans given little planning time

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