ABA Therapist Job Description

What is an ABA Therapist?

ABA therapists utilize a behavior analysis method to provide behavioral improvement for Autism sufferers and others with developmental challenges. By observing and responding to different behaviors, ABA therapists provide guidance to patients with the intention of helping to alter those behaviors in an observable way. The end goal for ABA therapists is to help patients make changes in behavior that allow them more easily manage social interactions and situations.

ABA therapists are trained psychologists. A bachelor's degree in Advanced Behavioral Analysis (ABA) or Psychology are often minimum requirements. A degree in Education may be acceptable, depending on the degree focus. Post-secondary degrees in ABA, Psychology, or Education are not necessary but may be required for greater success in this career. All ABA therapists should have critical communication skills and be able to manage emotionally stressful situations.

ABA Therapist Job Description Template

Job Overview

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Responsibilities for ABA Therapist

  • Study patient behavior and apply ABA principles
  • Respond appropriately to different situations common among Autism patients and others with behavioral and developmental challenges
  • Utilize key communication skills to provide effective feedback to patients
  • Effectively communicate positive feedback to patients
  • Be able to recognize and respond to critical improvements in patient behaviors.
  • Become familiar with and use behavioral redirection techniques
  • Know how to respond to negative behaviors appropriately
  • Provide written documentation on each patients.

Qualifications for ABA Therapist

  • Preferred Master's degree in ABA, psychology, education, or related field of study
  • Preferred Registered Behavior Technician certificate from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.
  • 0-5 years of experience required for entry-level positions
  • Strong communication skills required
  • Ability to work under high-stress situations
  • Exhibits significant reliable habits, including timeliness and organizational skills
  • Proven experience working with pre-school and elementary school-aged children
  • Additional evidence of successful work with patients suffering from Autism and development issues
  • Other experience, certificates, or qualifications as required by state

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