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  • GENTLE DENTAL GIVES PATIENT A WHOLE NEW SMILE As part of a Comprehensive Restorative Dentistry Seminar and demonstration held in Portland in February, Gentle Dental Woodstock was able to provide a whole new smile to one of his patients! The patient had previously presented with a rare genetic disorder of tooth development called Amelogenesis Imperfecta. This condition causes teeth to be unusually small, discolored, pitted or grooved, and prone to rapid wear and breakage. The patient had severe posterior wear with an open anterior bite and underdeveloped enamel. We had previously restored the patient’s upper anterior teeth, with full coverage crowns, to add length due to wear from disorder, and significant spacing was restored which allowed for improved speech. Gentle Dental, through the case study, donated all lower treatment of full coverage crowns to restore the patient’s smile and functionality of his teeth. The patient stated “I will be forever grateful to Gentle Dental for giving me a smile I don’t have to hide.”

  • Gentle Dental is coming back and preparing to reopen our offices to serve our communities during these challenging times. In this new normal, Gentle Dental offers more stability and less uncertainty in a time when safety and security are more important than ever. Here are some details on how we are protecting our team members: - We have reinforced our material handling and multi-step sterilization policies. As always, we are disinfecting with hospital grade solution, and all items are heat sterilized, disinfected, or disposed of between each use. - We are re-emphasizing hand washing procedures in accordance with CDC recommendations. - We are publishing company-wide protocols for extra vigilant hygienic practices. - We are taking the temperature of all team members and patients before entering the premises. - All team members and patients wear masks while in the office. - Reception areas are arranged to meet social distancing requirements and patients can wait in their vehicle after check-in. - Wiping down common areas with an EPA registered disinfectant hourly.

  • Caring for the Environment in our Communities InterDent has a long history of community support. We not only want to care for the oral health of our communities, but for the environment’s health as well. We have started several programs to help reduce our electrical and water consumption as well as making sure that we are meeting or exceeding the compliance standards for our waste management. Here are some ideas you can implement to help cut your energy use and water consumption in your office: - Leave the compressor & vacuum off until about 10 mins before your first patient and also turn them off during breaks and right after the last patient. - Check dental faucets for leaks and contact your facilities team if you have an older vaccum with no water recirculator. - Participate in the Precious Metal Refining Program that recycles metal fillings from previous patient treatments. We've partnered with Argen Refining to support this initiative.

  • Wellness Approach to Dentistry. A seminar with Dr. Timothy Donley. Gentle Dental University, in partnership with Phillips Sonicare, hosted Dr. Timothy Donley on June 1st for a seminar on “The New Wellness Approach to Dentistry - Time to Think Beyond the Mouth”. The seminar was held live in Portland, Oregon and streamed live via webinar to all regions. 21 doctors, hygienists and dental assistants attended the course live and more than 100 streamed the webinar . Dr. Donley spoke on how “dental care is no longer just about cavities, your smile or whether you floss or not. It’s about inflammation. Medical research is confirming that inflammation anywhere in the body is a significant factor behind many of the chronic diseases of aging (heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease). It turns out that the mouth is a significant source of inflammation when gum disease is present as bacteria from the mouth can get into your bloodstream daily.”

  • Many thanks to our Vancouver Office Team for participating in the 2019 Walk to Cure Arthritis as part of our support and service to our communities.

  • Gentle Dental gives Chula Vista a Reason to Smile We are pleased to announce the opening of our newest location in Chula Vista, California. A fully digital, technologically advanced office with 10 GP operatories and a surgical operatory. As part of Gentle Dental’s powerful network, patients will have access to a wide range of general dentistry and specialty dental services, bringing patients one-step closer to a healthier and more beautiful smile. The local community can expect to receive consistent high-quality treatments from a carefully selected staff of dental professionals. The office will host a Grand Opening event in the near future with activities for the local community.

  • RECENT PATIENT REVIEWS Gentle Dental Capitol Hill - To call Dr. Fletcher amazing would be an understatement. He is an artist with an acute eye for detail and extremely sympathetic to boot. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. The staff working here also exceeded my expectations, you can tell they know and trust each other very much, which says a lot about the quality of the people behind the curtains. I always leave with a smile on my face, I'm sure you will too. SmileKeepers Salem - The whole staff at Smile Keepers is amazing!!! Everyone I've come into contact with at this office has been like a breath of fresh air in comparison to other dentist offices I've been to in the area! I will continue to see Dr Ramsey (and her crew) for all of my dental needs! She is the best! Gentle Dental Courtyard Plaza - I have been with the same dentist almost my whole life. Now, I have dental insurance and my dentist is not on my plan.... So, I did my research and was dreading going place to place until I found a dentist I was comfortable with. Well, it took me one shot and I LOVE it t

  • FIVE OFFICES RECEIVE COMPLETE REFRESH WITH MORE ON THE WAY The facilities team is excited to have completed several office refresh projects during the first quarter this year: • GD Albany Children’s • GD Moreno Valley • GD Surprise • GD Oregon City • GD West Seattle We are also currently in process of completing refreshes in GD Edmond, GD Costa Mesa and SK Medford Main.

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