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Sfdc Developer was asked...September 14, 2010

How will you create relationships between objects

1 Answers

From the description it seems that you are not able to see the "Related List" on the Page Layout. Suppose you have Object "Master" and another object "Slave" and in the "Slave" object you have a lookup field(looking up to Master). Then automatically below "Master" object record you will be able to see the "Slave" records. If "Slaves" related list is not showing on the "Master" record then go to "Edit Layout" -->Related Lists and then drag the "Slaves" related list below the "Master" record. Now you will be able to see the "Related List" of the slaves records below the Master records. Less


Explain one critical functionality you have developed for the client.

1 Answers

Explained a couple of them: Apex Sharing, Email Approvals via Apex etc.

Avani Technology Solutions

What is trust.salesforce.com

1 Answers

Trust.salesforce.com is a community provided by salesforce to know real time status system performance & security. Less

JLT Group

Describe a day in your life as It guy -as if the person interviewing does not know what it will be like

1 Answers

Gave a detailed answer,as i felt the IT director really wouldnt know

JK Tech

How to load 6 million records using Dataloader?

1 Answers

Question is wrong. We can't perform 6 million records in dataloader at a time.

no questions becaues himself teaches salesforce but you should not ask doubts in return

1 Answers

Just say i ll join sambodhi tech solutions and pay 50k


How do you handle unknown complex situation?

1 Answers



Real time scenarios

1 Answers

Logical and analytical thinking required

WarpDrive Tech Works

SFDC Baiscs Apex Visualforce Integration

1 Answers

Explained very well


Technical on apex coding, vf pages

1 Answers

through writing code

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