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They asked a bunch of technical questions and some silly riddles (that were poorly worded). I also had to fill-out a bogus personality questionnaire (one that is not empirically supported). Some of the technical questions related to chemical reaction-mechanisms. There was no indication that this knowledge was required from the job posting, unfortunately. I was also asked about previous projects I've worked on. After completing a phone call, written application/questionnaire, in-person interview, I did not hear back from them (no rejection email, nothing). I got the impression that Novobind thinks very highly of themselves: - their job posting indicates "you must be an admirer of Tupac, Rosalind Franklin, Craig Venter") - their bogus personality questionnaires - interview questions (poorly worded riddles) - I had to sign an NDA just to be interviewed. Their NDA format is also unnecessarily archaic. - after a length application process, no rejection notice?

Based on average GPA in university, where did the rest of the grades go? - why didn't I do better

How would you organize your day if you were working here?

All question similar kind of my experience so its helpful a lot. Basic skills and knowledge test. over all its good.

What do you know about the company? Tell us about your previous lab experiences.

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