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-Your suitability for this role depends entirely on aforementioned 8 minute quiz so don't spend too much time preparing for an interview or polishing your CV -My related Air Force experience doesn't matter either (Vets be forewarned)

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-My self-score on the assessment was at least 25/30 (no idea of actual score)

The above statement is 100% incorrect.. the interview is graded and will determine if you are screened in or out...

Tell me about your background?

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Where do you see business in general going?

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too long ago...was very informal - small company at the time. it was a one-on-one with the company president/owner and then a second interview/lunch with the second in command (also one of the owners)

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What do you know about the gold extraction Process

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Hobbies and Interest

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Willingness to relocate

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Interview questions were mainly hypothetical situation.

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Both interviews were very conversational and involved going through my resume and experience and discussing instances where implemented the skills on my resume.

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What are your salary expectations?

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