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Foot Locker
Director, Software Development was asked...June 13, 2013

What would you do in your first week?

3 Answers

Try to get to know the customers and people I work with.

Assess the immediate priorities of the organization based on discussions with peers and managers. Get all the HR and organizational overhead out of the way (it takes longer than you think), learn about key resources needed to do the job effectively. Learning about how the organization operates and getting my toolset down first will mean I’m more effective at everything I do going forward. Ready-aim-fire Less

Work as hard as I can and get to know the staff so we can all be comfortable

Henry Schein

“What’s the difference between a manager and a leader?”

2 Answers

A manager gives orders, tells you what needs to be done and manages your progress where as a leader inspires, nurtures your strengths, and assist you in improving your weaknesses Less

A manager gives orders, tells you what needs to be done and manages your progress where as a leader inspires, nurtures your strengths, and assist you in improving your weaknesses Less

Market Traders Institute

They were total jerks. They questioned the legitimacy of my qualifications, and even proceeded to explain that for 130K, they expect to "own you" day and night, including all your IP and they would expect a 10 year commitment from the ideal candidate. The interview experience felt a lot like co-starring in the movie "Horrible Bosses".

2 Answers

Just read the glass door reviews on here. These people aren't worth the time of day. I wouldn't have given them a 3 month contract. They obviously have no respect for their clients or their employees. If this is how they treat folks at the door, then I don't want to see the backside. It's no wonder they are on a new staffing company already. I wouldn't send my people over there. Less

Well you obviously are a good judge of character.

Code To The Future

Can you go to training for a week in California on short notice?

2 Answers

I'm sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with your interview. Unfortunately, not everyone that we interview is the best fit for our team. A simple Google search would reveal the validity of what our team is doing, including mention in a White House press release and news articles from multiple areas around the country. We wish you the best of luck in your continued job search. Less

This was asked in first phone interview without knowing anything about the job (seemed shady). Less


Do you use Android or iPhone? Why did you choose it?

2 Answers

I ask this question to gain insight into the candidates workflow and decision making process. There are no wrong answers (well maybe windows phone). Less

Only a person lacking good interview skills would ask what type of phone one uses. It has NO bearing on your skill set or your ability to do a job and do it well. Less


What is the solution you propose for a given use-case in their company

1 Answers

I told solution need to be dealt at various layers of development instead at the stage end. For example, quality should be intrinsic in all processes instead of writing/enforcing as a stage at the end. Less

ChartWise Medical Systems

Have you ever had to let someone go and if so: 1.) how did you do it? 2.) how did you handle the employees response? 3.) what would you have done differently?

1 Answers

Since I have had to let multiple people go I discussed how I met with the employee 1on1, directly stated they were being let go, explained the reasoning, and then openly listened as the employee became extremely angry and then later broke down. Less

Quick Heal

What is a binary semaphore? What is its use?

1 Answers

A binary semaphore is one, which takes only 0 and 1 as values. They are used to implement mutual exclusion and synchronize concurrent processes. Less

City of Philadelphia

We recently released this vision zero initiative here is a copy of the initiative brochure which is also available online. They continued to discuss various intiatives related but nothing regarding the position I was applied for.

1 Answers

I mentioned I will check it out later which I feel they were offended by. There was no evidence to demonstrate that it was in any way relevant to the position I was applying for. Less


How do you handle technical experts with differing opinions?

1 Answers

I answered the question under the assumption that a people leader respects the technical opinions of a SME but drives the appropriate behavior and outcomes by ensuring the development team understands the business priorities in terms of deadlines and budget and that will drive the engineering compromise. Apparantly the correct answer was as the Development Director, I was supposed to be smarter than anyone who worked for me regardless of the topic and force my views on the team throat. Less

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