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Cornell University
Administrative Assistant III was asked...April 17, 2014

Why do you want to work here as an admin. with a degree from Cornell?

2 Answers

I want to continue growing in my Alma Mater. I want to give back to the community of professors and students. Less

Take advantage of career opps. and free courses.

UC Santa Cruz

I was asked about multi-tasking and working as a team player.

1 Answers

I gave examples from past jobs where the hours of the job were dictacted by the task and not the clock. Less

Medical College of Wisconsin

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

2 Answers

Grow with the company, but more importantly be happy and healthy and have a good job that I can be proud of. Less

could you please give a brief idea about Microsoft skill test in MCW?

Medical College of Wisconsin

Why do I want to work there

2 Answers

I stated I enjoyed the medical field and it was a stable industry

what kind of Microsoft skill test MCW take?

University of Arkansas

Do you get a long well with students?

1 Answers

I get along well with people in general. (In my head, 'Is there a difference between students and most people?') I have to come to find out, YES there is. Little did I know. Less

City of Poway

If a drunk person came into the office screaming for you answer their questions/address their concerns, how would you handle the situation?

1 Answers

I would call the police and talk to the person calmly until the police arrive.

UC Riverside

Questions were specific to the department I would support.

1 Answers

Told about my knowledge of the department.

DeKalb County, Georgia

How would I handle a difficult co-worker and how to accept an assignment that was outside my skill set.

1 Answers

Keep the lines of communication open and get to know the person to see if there were underlying causes for their attitude. Less

Los Angeles County Department of Health Services

When I got there, I sat and waited in a conference room and could hear the interviewer singing loudly on the other side of the wall. When she finally came in, she just stated that I didn't have the training experience they were hoping to find for this specific position and wondered if I still wanted to interview. I said no because I already felt like I wasn't going to be seriously considered. She also blamed her staff for not understanding what they were hiring for before making the calls. She said she had already has a few interviews where it was apparent these people did not realize what the job entailed.

1 Answers

I can accept if I'm not the candidate someone was looking for but they could have at least called me before I made the trek out there to let me know this instead of wasting my time, gas, and money to get there. I had sent my resume, writing samples, and personnel evaluations days in advance and it was obvious they hadn't bothered to even look at any of it until I got there. Also, I did appreciate how the interviewer threw her staff under the bus. I think it's management's responsibility to fully inform and educate their staff of what the expectations are if they are going to leave it up to their staff to schedule the interviews. This little experience just showed me how unprofessional their operation was and made me grateful that things didn't work out in the end. Less

UC Santa Cruz

Describe your experience working with difficult personalities.

1 Answers

I responded with past work experience and indicated that I was relatively easy going. Less

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