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Web Developer/Designer was asked...January 9, 2015

Several questions were asked that focused on semantic knowledge of various coding languages, rather than the application and practical use of said languages. For example, I was asked to list five Javascript data types.

2 Answers

I'm a self-taught web developer who's been using Javascript for several years. I can write almost any JS function with little to no outside help. However, rather than focusing on the practical application of my technical knowledge, the interviewer seemed much more concerned with 'textbook' semantic knowledge. Any developer will tell you that memorizing all of the Javascript data types does not a Javascript expert make. Less

Lol, so you couldn't list: numbers, strings, arrays, objects and booleans? That's like saying I can write html professionally and yet cant list out 5 common elements: div, body, head, section and span. Or explain the relationship between css selectors and properties. p.s. I'm a self taught developer who has only been using javascript and its plethora of libraries in a professional context for about a year, if that. Less


The questions were of both programming and theory nature. They did not leave any area untouched. I guess interviews happened from us.

2 Answers

It was all positive feedback in mail

sad to hear that it didn't worked out for you.. did you manage to get feedback? Also i am scheduled for interview in Delhi only can you provide some pointers about the test? Less

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About what I'm seaking in at my work

1 Answers

I said that a friendly relationships between my teammates is of a great importance to me Less

What is your favourite typeface?

1 Answers

I really like Swiss, Frutiger, Helvetica (even thought I don't have it...yet), and a cool free font, mg Moderna. Less

Health Resources

do you also know how to do print ad layout?

1 Answers

Yes, I had experience in the past but not many younger workers would.

How long have you been making websites?

1 Answers

Since I was 18

RPO Services

Mention what do you mean by Responsive design on a web page?

1 Answers

Responsive design is an approach to building sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience. It focuses on easy navigation of site with a minimum of scrolling, panning and resizing across all devices. Bootstrap is the most popular CSS, HTML and JS framework used for developing responsive web design Less

Where I had worked previously.

1 Answers

Described where I had worked previously.


Say there was a function that took 1 second to execute and you needed to run this function 10 million times, how would you cut down on the execution time?

1 Answers

Build a system that would run the functions concurrently.

Simpson Strong-Tie

How would you respond to a project that has changed direction entirely?

1 Answers

How do you manage an impending deadline/deadlines in general?

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