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Colruyt Group
Junior Software Developer, Java Trainer was asked...February 9, 2023

Write a program to list irreparable characters in a list using Java?

1 Answers

I tried to answer it but I didn't got correct answer

Miracle Software Systems

All are basic questions only

1 Answers

Learn Basics better


What is String and what the mutable class in java

1 Answers

String is predefined class in java present in java.lang package.Which is used to hold the char array sequence, and it's implements Serilizable, Comparable, and CharArraySequence. Such type of program which class, data member is final, and no setter method only hatter method, called mutable class, the state of class can't append and modify. Create new object. Less

Java Trainer was asked...September 5, 2017

Explain all the Object class methods in detail .?

MindScripts Technologies

Can you come down later in the afternoon?

MindScripts Technologies

All core Java as well as advance Java along with spring, hibernate


oops Concept, Access modifier,super class, method overloading and method overriding

Java Trainer was asked...December 10, 2017

project worked on , Armstrong number program , spinning of arrays recursion program .


What is RAM Why do you choose teaching Basics of java

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