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Are you willing to fly cargo at night

7 Answers

Yes sir I have flown cargo for last 10 years and have no issues with night flying

Very laid back interview

No questions like: tell me about a time when...

Availability if their pilot retired.

1 Answer

Tell us something you are proud of in your career.

1 Answer

There was no difficult questions. Questions were mostly related to work experience, behavioral and knowledge base.

1 Answer

Scenario: You just completed your external aircraft inspection and when you return to the cockpit, the head flight attendant stops you and begins to berate you in front of the other crew members. He/she is upset that you did not help with the cabin inspection on a quick turn. How do you deal with this? The flight attendant will not let it go and the passengers are boarding.

1 Answer

How do you deal with an employee who is difficult to get along with?

1 Answer

Why I would apply on this particular position?

1 Answer

Do you prefer a 4 month or a 8 month co-op?

1 Answer

Behavioural interview. They will ask you to tell them stories about past experiences.

On-site job comfortability and relocation

1 Answer
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