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Q: Do I have an experience working with the ULMFiT? What were the details of the implementation?

1 Answer

I had such experience and provided planty details of implementation :)

Why do you wanna work for us? Questions based on projects

about machine learning general concepts, and coding in Python

Describe your interpretation of machine learning infrastructure based on your experience.

Explain self-attention? How is it different from attention? How is used in transformers? Some questions about Inverted dropout. How can one make sure that a certain number of parameters in a Deep Network are trained?

Build a Flask API with given signature to do X and Y .. (Home test question)

How do you convince your team lead that the model you developed is ready?

You used method X in your published paper. Why not use Y instead? Why is X better? Why would Y not work? How would you improve X?

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