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Numeca International
CFD Development Engineer was asked...April 6, 2019

How did you validate this solver?

2 Answers

The question was in reference to a solver I had written.

Can you say which types questions they asked?

What is the reynolds number?

1 Answers

Ratio between inertial and viscous forces

Analyzer CAE Solutions

Basics , Projects, and CFD tool test

1 Answers

Explained projects in detail and focused on basics

Tefugen Technologies

Cfd theory and applications

1 Answers

Philosophically, CFD is nothing but calculating and obtaining numerical solution for a fluid flow. Now, Technically, what do i mean by that? Fluids are governed by set of equations. The physics of the fluids are governed or has inherent physical laws, without these laws of physics of the fluids it is impossible to put the fluids to any use and gain insight and foresight. These equations are a s et of non linear, PDE, that captures the dynamics behind fluid flow. Now, how to compute and drive the answers? There are majorly two different types of methods. They are Finite Volume & Finite Difference. Less

Isar Aerospace Technologies
Cfd Engineer was asked...December 13, 2020

general / specific engineering questions

1 Answers


Bajaj Auto
Cfd Engineer was asked...December 17, 2015

what is knocking

1 Answers

Navier stokes equations


I did not supply those copies to HR, then the HR said they could not submit my application until they get all of the copies. Have anyone came across this situation before?

1 Answers

no sir

Convergent Science

The difference between two and three blades configuration of wind turbines.

1 Answers

Load balance, cost vs performance...etc.

Tata Advanced Systems
Cfd Engineer was asked...September 7, 2017

What is the behavior of subsonic flow?

1 Answers

Subsonic flow is a elliptic in nature, Because due to subsonic nature of flow, the information can travel upstream so the disturbance at any point can disturb its surrounding points. Less

Tata Advanced Systems
Cfd Engineer was asked...September 7, 2017

In Cl alpha graph, at 0 angle of attack what is the value of Cl? and Why?

1 Answers

It depends upon camber of the airfoil. At zero camber, value of Cl is zero for zero angle of attack. At camber greater than zero, value of Cl is greater than zero at zero angle of attack. Less

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