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Sedgwick Claims Management Services
Registered Nurse Case Manager was asked...September 17, 2017

Can you speak directly with the physician if needed?

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Kintock Group

What does integrity mean to you?

4 Answers

Doing this right thing without oversight

Doing this correct thing without oversight

Having the ability to operate with ethical principles and standards

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Indiana Department of Child Services

During the phone interview they ask you if there is anything you wouldn't want to be posted in the paper about yourself.

3 Answers

Keep in mind they ask you this question not only to see if you have anything you are ashamed of in your past but, also to get you to realize your name maybe posted in your local paper at times. Less

I interviewed for DCS a few days ago. My interviewer ACTUALLY told me that specific question is a "trick question." They want to see if you pause and hesitate to answer. So, when asked, immediately respond with an affirmative NO. Less

The picture isn't of just a "dirty" home. It took me a while to figure out what it was, but it was like a light bulb went off when I figures it out. Less

Case Manager was asked...February 21, 2011

Would I consider continuing my educatioin

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As an glad you found another job...There are good things about JAMS but Senior Management is not one of them. Less

Mercy Drive

why do you want to work for this company? What are your future goals? what would you do if you see your co-worker doing something wrong?

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Because i enjoy helping others. My future goals would be to excel in my position. If i see my co worker doing something wrong i would suggest to that to speak with our supervisor about it before i do, and inform them that they had until the end of the shift to do so Less

Because i enjoy helping others, my future goals are to excel in my position. If i saw my co worker doing something wrong i would report them Less

If i saw my co worker doing something wrong i would speak with them about it first and then ask to not let it happen again Less


What would you look for in a company?

3 Answers

Stability and knowledge

Good training

Consistent and fairness

Children's Home & Aid

Why foster care? Your experience with foster care? How well are you with being flexible? How are your time management skills? How do you handle conflict? How will are your documentation skills?

3 Answers

Before the interview I took time out to study the job description and also review over my resume in order to be prepared for what questions were asked. My main questions came from the job description, my past relating work experience, and from the feedback that came from the employees during the interview. Less

Your website is limited. Face to face is better.

I have 6 years experience as a volunteer assistant, helping a teacher coach girls high school varsity softball And an additional ten seasons managing and coaching Summer softball teams for girls. I maintain contact with the teacher I assisted. She is now retired- but still coaching. I was a Police Officer for 14 yrs and then. Police Sergeant for 13 years. Sergeants investigate police misconduct and submit typewrittenreports. I have a 11 year old child that lives with me. Less

The Arora Group

When are you available?

3 Answers

One month, but turned into six months.

2 weeks

Ready In 2 weeks, as long I give my 2 week notice at work.

Recovery Resources
Case Manager was asked...November 26, 2018

Are you comfortable driving clients in your vehicle?

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Indiana Department of Child Services

They ask you to look at a picture of a dirty home, and describe in writing what you see in the picture.

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There is something very specific in the picture that they want you to talk about. Only someone who knows what they're looking at will get it. Hint: there are drugs in the picture. Less

Will you give an example of what you wrote?

I was not sure what they were looking for in the essay portion, so I just described it to the best of my ability without being biased or using derogatory language. Less

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