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1) Write method to check if there are any 2 values in an sorted Array, sum of witch equals to testing number. F.e: Arr=[1, 3, 5, 7, 12, 15]. If testing value f.e. 10 - we should get true (3 + 7) If testing value f.e. 9 - false. I got 15 min for that. test

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Just write loop in loop. It's easy one.

Write code for card game poker.

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Implement HashCode and Equals Difference between HashCode and Equals What are Immutable classes? Why use them on Maps? How to use synchronized blocks?

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write and php application for a gallery, with admin and user roles, admin can add ,edit,delete galleries , user can upload images , edit , remove . only use basic php oop no frameworks ? can use the internet. this will take a lot of time to finish

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Compare a hash table with a binary search tree.

Explain why smart pointers are better than raw pointers in making sure resources are released.

What is RAII?

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Compare unordered_map and unordered_set containers.

How would you go from point A to point B on a grid with obstacles?

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