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Biochemist Interview

-Wakefield, MA


I didn't get an interview

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Thank your lucky stars!!!!!! You were given a gift NOT to work there. You saved yourself a boat load of stress and an impossible work environment with a leader who is not fit to run any company and will not be successful because he cannot keep anyone long enough to make things work. The company is a joke and will never succeed even with a great idea. Be grateful for the gift and keep moving. It would never have lasted anyway.. trust me! The place is NUTS! RUN!!!!!!

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I went there for an interview they seemed very friendly and nice people but I was put off because they never told me anything about who was in charge of the company its board of directors or showed me any of the facilities. I was offered a job but when I took the contract to an employment lawyer he informed me that I would have to disclose every project that I had ever worked on during my entire career otherwise it would become their property. I have worked on many confidential projects for other companies and I can't disclose everything that I did. In addition I would be barred from applying for another job with any company that Xyleco deemed to be competitors world wide for a period of 5 years but they didn't elaborate who they considered to be a competitor and they didn't tell me much about the position or what they were working on other than converting biomass into useful products that was all I lean't. I decided it was risky accepting the offer as I couldn't find out anything about them. You also had a clause in the contract that barred you from talking about your work to your family. I understand what you work on in many companies is confidential and you can't talk about specific projects but this clause said you couldn't give any information.

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