Compulsion Games4.0
Brand Manager
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Compensation & Benefits : 4.5
Culture & Values : 4.0
Career Opportunities : 3.7
Work/Life Balance : 4.5
Job & Company Insights
Job Type : Full-time
Job Function : brand manager
Industry : Media
Size : 1 to 50 Employees

Job Description: Brand Manager

Department: Marketing

About Us

Compulsion Games is a first party game studio and subsidiary of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios, located in Montreal, Canada.

We are a quality-led studio with a humble team, who enjoy experimenting with an artistic approach to making games. We like to hire people who are drawn to our core values of trust, autonomy, harmony and craftsmanship; living up to those values and sharing our vision.

The team is passionately committed to championing both diversity and accessibility for our people and our players; a consistent value throughout the Xbox Game Studios group. Therefore a core part of our hiring process is ensuring new hires are well-aligned in order to build a harmonious team and company. We care deeply about our team and their wellbeing, so you’d be joining a close-knit group who are creative, inclusive and care about developing one another.

This is a full-time position, with full salary and studio benefits based in our new Montreal Downtown location, by Atwater Metro station. Our new studio is currently under construction, which we’re excited to be moving into once the situation with COVID-19 safely allows us to do so.

Job Description

The Brand Manager will be in charge of all of our marketing initiatives in the studio and liaise with our Microsoft marketing team. The incumbent will drive marketing strategies for each of our game launches, develop campaigns for our projects and strengthen our employer brand and overall visibility.


  • Developing the messaging for the game and the studio's brand and voice,
  • Recognizing assets and moments that we would want to put forward in our game during our production cycle, so that the team knows which areas will be used to sell the game,
  • Managing logistics related to promoting our games pre-launch as well as analyzing success post-launch,
  • Strong understanding of marketing principles and analytics, as well as knowledge of how to apply them in the context of video game development,
  • Lead our PR & Community Manager to help establish marketing objectives and necessary KPIs related to brand and studio awareness,
  • Able to organize and present player/consumer insight, marketing campaign effectiveness & clear marketing plans,
  • Partner regularly with our Microsoft partners to ensure branding and marketing initiatives are aligned,
  • Oversee and validate marketing materials, including communication plans, brand art, logos, trailers, web site, banners, ads and any assets that will be shared publicly;


  • 4+ years of marketing experience
  • Experience with the press a plus
  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing or related field preferred
  • Knowledge and passion for video games
  • Bilingual
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