Information System Business Analyst
Employer est.:CA$22 - CA$25 Per Hour
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Compensation & Benefits : 1.0
Culture & Values : 1.0
Career Opportunities : 1.0
Work/Life Balance : 1.0
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Job Type : Full-time
Job Function : business analyst
Industry : N/A
Size : 1 to 50 Employees
Salary: $23.00 - $26.00/Hourly
Job Type: Full Time, Permanent
Start Date: As soon as possible

Language: English
Minimum Education: Bachelor's Degree
Positions Available: 1

NOC Group: Information Systems Analysts and Consultants (2171)
NOC Job Title: Information Systems Business Analyst
Expires in 46 days
Expires: 2021-09-10
Posted: 2021-07-09
Last Updated: 2021-07-09

Job Location(s)

Vancouver, British Columbia

Job Description

GOLDEN TOP FINANCIAL SERVICES INC. is a non-bank financial institution focused on providing real estate mortgage services to clients. After more than 5 years of rapid development, it has become a trusted financial brand in Vancouver. As our company expends, we are now sourcinga a full-time, professionally skilled Information technology (IT) Business Analyst to join us.
As a IT business analyst, you will be responsible for providing support related to gathering and monitoring for projects related to the development and implementation of new or enhanced systems and processes. You should have the abilities to use data analytics to monitor data quality metrics, improve processes and service through data analysis, and collaborate with our Financial Team to develop new financial products and strategies to help achieve overall business profitability.

  • Create, develop and implement electronic financial data systems
  • Design and maintain website, test webpage functions
  • Use DBMS (SQL) to launch Statistical Analysis, the management of trial calculation, and business data test to improve marketing efficiency and adjust financial risks
  • Design database storage and data interface
  • Research and gather data on Macro economics, industry data, and financial market information
  • Provide suggestions and recommendations on information systems strategy, policy, management and service delivery
  • Collect all of the management needs, clarify and document them as well as to translate them into specific technical terms that will be further implemented by the management
  • Coordinate with management to ensure the business objectives are fully understood and follow up before and during the development phase to ensure that the system developed can satisfy the business requirements
  • Create new processes and solutions to ensure the effectiveness of the system
  • Conduct risk assessments on system developments and validate that security and technology controls are implemented to support business requirements


  • A bachelor's degree in computer science, computer systems engineering, software engineering, or a related discipline is required
  • At least 3-5 years experience in software development or software engineering
  • 3+ years financial industry experiences preferred
  • Ability to work under pressure and in a changing environment
  • Strong analytical and critical-thinking skill
  • Team worker

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Expiring: Sep 10, 2021

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