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Job Type : Full-time
Job Function : business analyst
Industry : Business Service
Size : 1 to 50 Employees

The senior business analyst will be the driver behind our continued growth and success. With our commitment to innovation, it’s our business analyst who seeks out, develops, and helps implement client strategic initiatives for improved efficiency and productivity. We’re currently searching for an experienced business analyst to help guide our organization into the future. From researching progressive systems solutions to evaluating their impact, our ideal candidate is a detailed planner, expert communicator, and top-notch analyst. They should be wholly committed to the discovery and development of innovative solutions for our clients in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Objectives of this Role

  • Ensure that the client's actual underlying needs and concerns are understood as well as the environment in which they work.
  • Manage conflicts, issues and changes in order to ensure that stakeholders and the project team remain in agreement on the solution scope, how requirements are communicated to stakeholders, and how knowledge gained by the business analyst is maintained for future use.
  • Identify the client's business needs, refine and clarify the definition of those needs, and define a solution scope that can feasibly be implemented by the business. Tasks include problem definition and analysis, business case development, feasibility studies, and the definition of the solution scope.
  • Prioritize and progressively elaborate the client's stakeholder and solution requirements in order to enable the project team to implement a solution that will meet the client's needs. It involves analyzing stakeholder needs to define a solution that meets those needs, assessing the current state of the business to identify and recommend improvements, and the verification and validation of the resulting requirements.

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities

  • Drive identification of requirements across the client’s business units and identify substandard systems processes through evaluation of real-time data.
  • Serve as a thought leader for technical business processes, developing forward-thinking systems prototypes that promote increased efficiency and productivity on multiple levels.
  • Create and implement precise requirements management plans for every project, with attention to transparent communication at all levels.
  • Perform, evaluate, and communicate thorough quality assurance at every stage of systems development.
  • Determine and develop the client’s user requirements for systems in production, to ensure maximum usability.
  • Partner with other stakeholder teams across internal teams and the client’s business units to develop necessary analysis and documentation in a collaborative way, communicating effectively and efficiently with production, managerial, and executive teams.
  • Evaluate, analyze, and communicate systems requirements on a continuing basis, and maintain systems processes, including the delivery of monthly status reports to all appropriate parties.
  • Author and update internal and external documentation, and formally initiate and deliver requirements and documentation. E.g. Statements of Work, Business and Technical Requirements Document
  • Conduct daily systems analytics to maximize effectiveness and troubleshoot problems.
  • Develop meaningful and lasting relationships with partners for optimized systems integration, and respond to questions and concerns from managers and executives with supporting research and recommendations.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in IT or Computer Science
  • 5+ years of proven experience in an analytics and systems development capacity
  • High proficiency with stakeholder analysis and requirements engineering
  • Proven analytical abilities to perform costs benefit analysis
  • Practical experience with process modelling and generating process documentation
  • Excellent communicator with the ability to translate data into actionable insights
  • Understanding of Digital Platforms and Data Infrastructure, as well as Big Data, System Integration, Data Visualization, Cloud Computing

Preferred Qualifications

  • Strong working knowledge of relevant office and project management applications
  • Proven capabilities in project and user-testing management
  • Proven development of innovative and impactful systems solutions
  • Extensive experience with Machine Learning, Deep Learning and AI
  • Highly proficient technical writing capabilities


  • 100% employer-paid benefits package
  • Regular Lunch and Learns from your Team Mates
  • Monthly yoga and meditation classes
  • Fun Employee Events and Activities
  • Participation in Community Engagement

Job Type: Full-time

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