GoGosqueeZ is a leader in healthy, all-natural, gluten free, 100% fruit snacks. Our applesauce pouches are packed with goodness and with their convenient packaging design can be enjoyed wherever kids go! Materne North America (MNA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of MOM Group located in France, is a highly successful, fast-growing, and innovative company known for helping squeeZ goodness into the daily lives of kids across the US.


  • Improve Glassdoor rating to accurately reflect company culture.
  • Optimization of cohesive brand image or story.
  • Need for awareness of career opportunities.


  • Job Ads: Attract talent to many GoGo squeeZ opportunities.
  • Enhanced Profile: Showcase a compelling employer brand story through a combination of a ”Why Work for Us”, videos, and featured company and interview reviews. Post openings on 5 target competitor pages.

"Glassdoor makes it easy to see the impact and influence on talent acquisition. The data analytics provided within the employer center provides evidence of the return on investment. Most importantly, Glassdoor has had significant influence on candidates’ decision to interview/work for us."

Megan Stradley, Talent Acquisition