22 Engineers Hired at an 82% Lower Cost-Per-Hire vs. Linkedin

AppDynamics is an easy-to-use application performance management solution used to monitor, troubleshoot, diagnose, and scale production applications, gain 10x their current level of visibility, and get to root cause 90% faster.


Engineering Hires in 12 Months

Out of 200 total hires, 10% came from Glassdoor


Lower Cost-Per-Hire Than LinkedIn

LinkedIn cost-per-hire: $4,000; Glassdoor cost-per-hire: $700


New Hires Used Glassdoor

AppDynamics survey revealed nearly all new hires used Glassdoor to find their job


  • Recruit qualified engineers in a competitive market.
  • Showcase employer brand and culture.
  • Increase visibility with stronger messaging.


Job Ads: Target quality candidates by job title.

Enhanced Profile: Show job seekers what openings are available, incorporate company photos and videos, share the latest company updates to paint an accurate picture of culture.

Targeted Display Ads: Run diversity campaigns to target female software engineers and highlight achievements to target top talent.

"We quickly realized that not keeping an eye on our profile hurts our recruiting efforts. When you speak with a candidate, they often research the Internet to learn more about the opportunity and many times the first thing they see is Glassdoor."

Luan Lam, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition