Your Official Glassdoor Guide

Your Official Glassdoor Guide

What Can I Do To Get In The Running?

A spot on Glassdoor's Best Places to Work list is a tremendous achievement. Unlike other workplace awards, our list is entirely based on employee feedback. So, how do you secure a spot for your company next year?

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Listen and learn from 2017's winners to improve your odds for next year. Register to see the Best Places to Work Roadshow in your city, or watch the livestream.

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Watch a recording of our live webinar, The DNA of a Best Place to Work, to learn what it takes to become a contender and what winning companies have in common.

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To get you started right now, we've gathered the 4 key ways for your company to Get In the Running for Best Places to Work Employees' Choice Award next year.

Why Didn't My Company Make It?

If your company didn't make the cut this year, here are some potential reasons why:

Content Requirements

In order to be considered for any Glassdoor list, companies must have a minimum number of reviews posted on Glassdoor during the period of eligibility. To find out how many reviews were needed this past year, check out the 2017 Best Places to Work methodology document. Plus, find out how to encourage employees to share feedback on Glassdoor by reviewing our Employee Engagement Toolkit. Reviews that appear on Glassdoor must meet our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.

Period of Eligibility

Since Best Places to Work is an annual list, Glassdoor requires a minimum number of reviews posted during the period of eligibility, which ran from November 2, 2015 to October 30, 2016. To help you track reviews shared by your employees unlock your Free Employer Account.


This list takes qualitative and quantitative data into account. We assess the quality of the reviews to identify the companies that truly outshine the rest in the eyes of their employees. If your company has a higher rating than another, has enough reviews to be considered, and meets those requirements during the period of eligibility, the quality of reviews may have been the determining factor. To better understand which workplace attributes are common among employers with high-quality reviews, check out our guide to the DNA of a Best Place to Work.


Part of our proprietary algorithm assesses consistency of the qualitative and quantitative data shared on Glassdoor by employees. Inconsistent data can, in some cases, impact a company's overall rating for awards purposes.

Extenuating Circumstances

An employer may be excluded if the Glassdoor eligibility panel determines detrimental acts by management or other negative events that could ultimately damage employees' faith in the employer, its senior leadership, and/or adversely affect its overall rating on Glassdoor. An employer may also be excluded if senior leaders or employees are suspected of attempting any fraudulent activity on Glassdoor, including intentional or unintentional acts that violate the Glassdoor Community Guidelines and/or Terms of Use.

Complete Methodology

Download the complete methodology for the 2017 Best Places to Work. Each year, Glassdoor reserves the right to improve methodology to prevent abuse and ensure the highest level of quality reviews and data integrity.