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Highly educated

92% of Glassdoor Users are College Educated4

Senior-level candidates

43% of Glassdoor users have over 6 years of work experience5

Millennial talent

16% are 18-24 years old6
42% are 25-34 years old6


1. Google Analytics, Unique users represents peak monthly unique users in CQ3’19
2. Based on July 2019 - Jan. 2020 data from over 390m job applications through one of the world's leading ATS
3. Glassdoor EMI Research, November 2017
4. Source: Glassdoor Internal Data, CQ3 ‘18 - Based on users who have shared education and work experience on their Glassdoor account.
5. Source: Glassdoor Internal Data, CQ1’19 - Based on users who have shared work experience on their Glassdoor account/salary reviews.
6. Source: Google Analytics, CQ2’19 average