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Why Glassdoor Is a Powerful Tool for Recruiters

Glassdoor is the second largest job site in the U.S., following Indeed.com.3 Searching for a new job is the number one reason people visit us.4 But Glassdoor isn’t a typical job site: we offer job seekers the opportunity to learn what it’s really like to work at a company. Armed with that information, they can make an informed decision about where they choose to apply and work. And that’s a good thing — for job seekers and employers.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should hire through Glassdoor:

1. Glassdoor is the go-to destination for quality candidates

Discerning candidates consider both the role and the company when assessing whether it’s a right fit for them, and Glassdoor is a key destination for doing just that. We empower job seekers with useful information at every stage of their search: from finding open roles, to researching companies, preparing for interviews, negotiating salaries and more. It’s all here, in one place.

2. Glassdoor applicants are hired faster

Two-thirds of hiring managers say that attracting quality candidates is their number one recruiting challenge.5 Candidates who use Glassdoor are different. They do their homework — they’re thoughtful about the jobs they apply to, instead of shotgunning applications. They’ve already checked that your company and role meets their expectations before clicking ‘Apply’ — so you’ll need to sift through fewer unqualified applications to find the right person.

3. Hires from Glassdoor stay longer

At Glassdoor, we want to help people find a job that fits their life. Fit is critical — there’s nothing worse than starting a new job to discover it’s not what you thought it would be. It’s an unhappy situation for the job seeker, and an expensive mistake for the employer. Glassdoor candidates apply for a job with their eyes wide open, and that’s important: our research shows that candidates who use Glassdoor are 30% more likely to be retained6 than those sourced via other channels. That’s a great win for your bottom line, and for your company culture, too.

U.S. Job Seekers: By The Numbers

are female, 49% male7
do not use LinkedIn or Indeed8
are minorities9

How to get started?

Share your brand story with an Enhanced Profile

Our Enhanced Profile lets you tell your story to engaged candidates who are already researching your company. They have options — so why should they choose you? You can customize your messaging, add photos and videos, promote your roles, feature a review of your choice, and access detailed analytics to help refine your talent acquisition strategy.

Put your brand front and center with Brand Ads

Research tells us that job seekers who’ve been exposed to an employer’s brand 10 times or more are five times more likely to apply for a job with them, versus those who saw the brand just once.13 With Glassdoor Brand Advertising, you can target passive candidates who may not be actively searching for your company, and may never have considered working there. Our Brand Ads also allow you to select target audiences based on location, occupation, gender and more.

U.S. Job Seekers: By The Numbers

are college educated10
have over 6 years work experience11

Glassdoor Analytics

Access a range of powerful reports to help you refine your recruiting strategy and candidate experience:

  • Explore the demographic breakdown of your visitors, including their education, years of experience, gender and age
  • Discover the top 5 other companies your visitors look at — these are your main competitors for talent
  • See how you stack up against your competitors on candidate awareness, employee satisfaction (across various criteria), interview ratings and more
  • Identify the top positive and negative trends raised in employee reviews
  • Use interactive graphs to review trends over time and learn how specific events may have impacted your ratings


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