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A Step-by-Step Guide for Employers

Managing Salary Estimates on Glassdoor

how to manage glassdoor salary estimates on your glassdoor company profile

To better match the right people with the right companies, Glassdoor includes salary estimates in job listings.

How Salary Estimates on Glassdoor Help Employers

Salary estimates in job listings help you recruit and hire. It helps employers significantly by driving greater interest in your jobs and reducing time in the recruitment and interview process, by ensuring that only informed candidates with the right expectations apply.

Providing pay information at the beginning of the recruiting and interview process helps unqualified candidates self-select out — one of the reasons Glassdoor candidates are 50% more likely to be hired versus the leading job site. 1

Top three benefits hiring decision-makers report seeing when they hire informed candidates (including candidates informed about salary realities):2

  1. Better retention rates
  2. More productive
  3. More engaged employees

Since introducing salary estimates in job listings in 2017, data show more job seekers are clicking on and applying to jobs with salary estimates, bringing more interest to an employer’s job listings.

What to Do if Salary Estimates on Glassdoor Are Not Accurate

If employers feel a Glassdoor estimated salary range is off for a job listing or listings, employers are welcome to update pay ranges themselves by signing in to their Employer Profile in the Employer Center. Once in, just click on the Jobs card, and then All Jobs.

  • Pay ranges on jobs that employers update will be reflected within one business day. If pay ranges are not updated, or there is a problem, employers can contact our salaries team. Once updated, the employer-provided salary will appear on the job posting.
  • Additionally, before editing or adding a salary estimate, you can scroll through to review all listings that will be impacted. Your salary will automatically apply to all current and future jobs with the same title in the same location. Before you submit, you can scroll through and review the full set of open listings whose salaries will be updated.
  • Employers can also remove an employer-provided salary estimate. When you remove, all jobs will revert to the original Glassdoor salary estimate, if there was one.

How Employers Can Add a Salary Range If None Is Displayed

Employers can now add a salary estimate to their open jobs — whether or not those jobs have a Glassdoor salary estimate — if the job title is recognized in our system and the location is one of our recognized metros. Jobs with titles that our algorithm doesn’t recognize, or with locations that are remote or rural, may not be eligible for salary estimates, including employer estimates.

Before editing or adding a salary estimate, you can now scroll through to review all listing that will be impacted. To add a salary estimate:

  1. Sign in to your Employer Center.
  2. Click on the Jobs card.
  3. Click All Jobs.
  4. Click + Add Salary
  5. All changes will be reflected within one business day.

Note: Only jobs with + Add Salary will allow a salary to be added.

how to add a salary to a glassdoor job posting

How Salary Estimates Are Calculated

Salary estimates are generated by Glassdoor using salary data from millions of employees and third-party sources, using patent-pending machine learning algorithms. Salary estimates factor in recent user-generated salary reports for similar job titles at the company, its competitors and other employers for a specific location.

But Glassdoor salary estimates are just estimates and they do not represent guarantees of actual salaries. The purpose of salary estimates is to use predictive data science to provide job seekers with a likely salary range so they can make more informed job decisions — and, in turn, help employers recruit informed and quality candidates. For this reason, Glassdoor does not guarantee the accuracy of estimates. We encourage job seekers to supplement Glassdoor’s salary estimates with other research to help make the most informed job decision as possible.

To manage your company's Salary Estimates, log in to your Employer Center today.


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