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Whether you’re new to Glassdoor or brushing up on how to maximize Glassdoor for your company, this guide will teach you how to get the most from your Employer Center and the millions of job seekers visiting Glassdoor around the world every day.

You’ll discover there’s a lot you can do in the Employer Center. If you’re just getting started with Glassdoor, we recommend beginning with Part 1, a Quick-Start Guide to focus on high-impact features. If you want a more in-depth overview of the functionality of the Employer Center, refer to Part 2.

Part 1: Quick-Start Guide - Start by building your optimized Glassdoor Profile.


#1. Set Up Your Account - (2 min)

  • Log in to your Employer Center.
  • If you don’t have an account yet, click “Sign up for a Free Employer Account”.
  • You can also access your Employer Center by visiting your company’s Glassdoor profile and clicking “Go to Employer Center” under admin tools

sign into glassdoor employer center


Glassdoor approves individuals in HR, marketing, operations and executive positions for a Free Employer Account. Branch offices and franchise locations must have corporate approval.

Set up your email notifications

Get notified when there has been activity (e.g., new reviews submitted) on your page

Settings > Email Preferences > Company Alerts

company alerts glassdoor employer center guide

We have various access levels available for your coworkers.

  • Administrator - Access to all features including managing the users.
  • Local Administrator - Administrator level access to only certain country profiles. Can manage content and users only for those country profiles.
  • Analytics Only - View-only access to all Glassdoor analytics.
  • Content Manager - Access to all features but not managing the users

Invite coworkers to access your company account

Settings > Manage Users > Invite Co-Workers


#2. Verify Your Basic Company Info - (3 min)

Our team has given you a head start by pre-populating your profile with content from your website. Please review and update to ensure your basic info is accurate such as your website, headquarters, logo, company mission and benefits.

What candidates want to know when evaluating a job:1

  1. Salary and Compensation Package
  2. Role /  Department Specifics
  3. Benefits Package
  4. What makes the company an attractive place to work
  5. Basic company information (e.g. locations, # of employees, revenue, industry, competitors, etc.)


#3. Add Photo and Video - (5 min)

Your cover photo is the first image a job seeker will see when visiting your profile and jobs. It invites the job seeker in and provides an image to represent your company culture. You can also make your cover photo a video to make it more engaging. We support both YouTube and Vimeo.

The best photos show off your employees, office space and culture. Showcase your day-to-day activities as well as your special occasions like company picnics, community service days, and celebrations. Use photos to give your ideal candidate a glimpse into your company so they can picture themselves as an employee.

Cover Photo

Employer Profile > Company Info > Logo and Photos > Click 3 Dots > Edit Cover Photo > Upload New Cover Image

Cover Video

Employer Profile > Company Info > Social Media and Video > Featured Video > add YouTube or Vimeo link


Employer Profile > Company Info > Logo and Photos > Add Photo

add photo glassdoor profile

Video Resource

View Glassdoor's Cover Photo Video Tutorial.


#4. Feature a Review and Interview Review - (2 min)

Featuring a review and interview review gives you the control to showcase what it’s like to work or interview at your company. They are the first reviews that job seekers will see on your profile.

Featured Review

Community Reviews > Employee Reviews > Find Your Preferred Review Using Filters at Top > Click "Feature this Review"

Featured Interview Review

Community Reviews > Interview Reviews > Find Your Preferred Review Using Filters at Top > Click "Feature this Interview"

Setting a Featured Review on Glassdoor Company Profile

Note: You can only feature reviews from the past 12 months.

Video Resource

View Glassdoor's Featured Review Video Tutorial.

By the Numbers

Over 65% of Glassdoor users read at least 5 reviews before forming an opinion of a company.2


#5. Set Up Competitor Profiles - (3 min)

The Competitor Profiles feature enables you to promote your company and jobs on the profiles of your competitors, increasing your exposure and driving job seekers to your profile. You can select companies whose talent you want to target. Your company will show up on the competitor's profile in the “Other Companies to Explore” panel. We recommend targeting companies that your candidates are looking at, which you can find in the "Candidate Demographics" report in the Analytics section of the Employer Center.

Target competitors on Glassdoor

Video Resource


#6. Customize Your 5 ‘Why Work For Us’ Tabs - (1 hour)

Your ‘Why Work For Us’ section on Glassdoor is your opportunity to show job seekers, investors and competitors what your company is all about. It’s a living version of your Employer Value Proposition. You can customize up to five tabs with images and video to show future employees what makes you different. Our team has created a few tabs for you using content from your website, but be sure to build all five tabs to get the most out of your Enhanced Profile and attract top candidates.

Employer Profile > Company Story

Edit Glassdoor Why Work With Us tabs

Here are some examples of tabs you might create:

  • At a Glance or About Us
  • Culture and Values
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Community Involvement
  • Office Location Name (e.g. New York Office)
  • Testimonials
  • Sales or Engineering (or other hard to fill roles for certain departments)
  • Graduate and Internship Opportunities
  • COVID-19

By the Numbers

Nearly 60% of employees/ job seekers always or often look for more information about a company after reading a job description.3


#7. Post a Company Update - (10 min)

Get candidates excited to work for your company by sharing the latest on company milestones, news stories, product releases, community service, etc. When you post a company update anyone who follows your company will receive an email alert which can lead to an increase in traffic and applications. You can add photos to your post and promote it to specific country profiles if your update is only relevant in specific geographies.

Employer Profile > Company Updates

How to Add Glassdoor Company Updates

You can see full analytics on your Company Updates by navigating to:

Analytics > Employer Profile > Company Update Analytics

By the Numbers

of Glassdoor users are more likely to apply to an open job if the employer is active on Glassdoor (e.g. responds to reviews, updates their profile, shares updates on the culture and work environment)4


#8. Review Your Analytics - (5 min)

Quickly spot trends in your data with the Analytics Overview. At a glance, you can see key metrics and month-over-month changes to Company Rating, CEO Approval, Page Views, Followers and more.

Our most popular reports are Rating Trends, Competitor Comparisons, Employer Profile Activity and Candidate Demographics.

Analytics > Overview

See what analytics are available in your Enhanced Profile package.

Employer Profile Analytics Glassdoor

Part 2: Comprehensive Guide to the Glassdoor Employer Center

Now that you’ve mastered the basics with our Quick-Start Guide, let’s dive deeper into the features and functionality of the Employer Center.

Home: Your home base in the Employer Center

There are six cards to explore, and each is a launching point for key actions. The sidebar is another way you can navigate between each card without having to return to Home.

Here’s how the Employer Center is organized:

Employe Profile: Update your company information and story to show candidates why they should work with you.

Community Reviews: View, respond to, and request reviews.

Analytics: Access and share analytics related to your reviews, candidates, profile visits, and jobs.

Employer Tools: Maximize your presence on Glassdoor with Badges and by becoming an OpenCompany.

Employer Profile: Update your company information and story to show candidates why they should work with you.

Profile Switcher

Glassdoor Enhanced Profiles for specific countries allows you to customize your Profile for job seekers in different geographies. This master toggle at the top will help you switch between various country profiles so it's easy to customize your content. Select "Manage Profiles" to rename or group them together.

Glassdoor Multiple Profile Switcher

Multiple Brand Switcher

If you are managing several different brands' profiles on Glassdoor, a toggle will allow you to switch between Employer Centers for different brands.

Multiple Brand Profiles Glassdoor

Related Resource

By the Numbers

Glassdoor customers see 6X more apply starts per job after purchasing an Enhanced Profile.5

Company Info

Details: Help your organization stand out to millions of Glassdoor candidates by adding basic info like headquarter location, website, and your global or local CEO.

Logos and Photos: Upload images of your office space and share pictures of actual employees. You can reorder your photos and navigate to the photos that Glassdoor users submit by clicking "View Community Contributed Photos"

Benefits: Check off all the benefits that your company offers. Benefits are the #2 thing people are researching when they look for a job (right behind salary!)6

Awards: Add your company's awards and accolades! Third-party recognition is a powerful way to show job seekers that your company walks the walk when it comes to employee experience.

Social Media  & Video: Invite job seekers to learn more about your company by linking to your official social media handles and embedding a preview of your social feeds.

About Your Company & Mission: Use this section to share details about your company beyond the basics. It's a blank slate for you to customize; we suggest you include any of the following:

  • When and why your business was founded
  • How much you've grown in recent years
  • What your company does and the types of customers you serve
  • Why employees like working with you
  • How your mission and values drive your company

Edit 'About your Company' on Glassdoor

Organization Structure

Represent your corporate family with Affiliated Profiles, and customize your branding by company division with Nested Profiles.

Affiliated Profiles

Group your existing Glassdoor profiles together. Tell your corporate brand story with a customizable description and cards that link to affiliated profiles.

Adding affiliated companies on Glassdoor

Nested Profiles

Segment existing, jobs and branding content:

  • Create segmented profiles under your main profile to highlight your company divisions.
  • Showcase reviews, jobs, and branding content by division for the right audience.


By the Numbers

Glassdoor users that click on Affiliated Profiles spend 40% more time engaging with content.7

Targeted Company Updates

Targeted Company Updates allows you to tailor your updates so you can share the right content to the right candidates. You can select a job function, location or follower type to target for a given Company Update. Your followers who meet your targeted criteria will get an email including your company update. This feature is available in our Enhanced Profile Select package.

Adding a targeted audience on Glassdoor

By the Numbers

Followers spend twice as much time visiting and reading content on Glassdoor than non-followers.8

Community Reviews: View, respond to, and request reviews.

Employee Reviews: These are anonymous reviews that your employees, both current and former, write to give you feedback on their experiences with your company. When you respond to reviews it shows candidates how your organization handles feedback and how you live your employer brand.

  • See how many reviews you have, how many views each review has gotten in the last 30 days, and how many job seekers have found the review helpful with “helpful votes.”
  • Download your reviews into an Excel report for offline analysis.

Responding to community reviews on Glassdoor

Glassdoor maintains strict community guidelines to ensure all reviews and responses are helpful, balanced, and authentic.

Reviews go through a two-touch content moderation process, which includes an automated review and, sometimes, a human review. If reviews or responses do not abide by our guidelines, they will not appear on our site.

Related Resource

View Glassdoor's Related Resource: How to Respond to Reviews.

Best practices for responding to reviews on Glassdoor:

  • Ensure the title and name of the responder are correct
  • Draft responses in Word or Google Docs to allow for proper editing of spelling, grammar, and tone
  • Acknowledge positive feedback
  • Say "Thank You" whether the review is positive or negative
  • Address specific concerns honestly
  • Take the high road
  • Avoid corporate or internal company jargon
  • Offer to take the conversation offline

By the Numbers

8 in 10 of Glassdoor users agree their perception of a company improves after seeing an employer respond to a review.9

Interview Reviews

These reviews are left by candidates who have completed an interview or phone screen with your company. Candidates have the option to review several components of the interview process including:

  1. Whether they accepted an offer
  2. Overall experience
  3. Interview difficulty
  4. Duration of application/interview process
  5. Interview questions
  6. Duration of interview period

Interview reviews on Glassdoor

Request More Reviews

You can’t improve without feedback. We suggest you thoughtfully request reviews from your employees at various stages of the employee lifecycle. We offer a few ways to easily set up review campaigns from your Employer Center.

  1. Customized Emails: Upload employee email addresses and craft a custom message (or use one of our templates for employee milestones!) that you can preview.
  2. Shareable Link: Quickly generate a survey link you can embed in any internal company email, newsletter, intranet, etc.
  3. Campaign Analytics: Understand how effective your request review campaigns are by viewing campaign history analytics like the number of new reviews approved from a given campaign.

Request more reviews

When to request reviews:

  • Onboarding
  • Performance reviews
  • Work anniversaries
  • Promotions or career changes
  • Exit interviews
Related Resource

Community Photos

These are photos uploaded by community members of Glassdoor, such as current and former employees. You can use the flag icon if you would like to remove the photo or feel it is not aligned with our Photo guidelines.

Manage community photos on Glassdoor

Analytics: Access and share analytics related to your reviews, candidates, profile visits and jobs.

Community Reviews

Rating Trends:

  • Get insights on how employees rate your company culture and values, work/life balance, senior management, compensation and benefits and career opportunities trend over time. You can also see ratings for recommend to a friend, CEO approval and business outlook.

rating trends glassdoor

Interview Trends:

  • People who interview with your company can write a review on Glassdoor about their candidate experience. They rate the overall experience, the difficulty and if they accepted the position.
  • Use this information to optimize your candidate experience. Keep tabs on these metrics over time to continue improving and make better hires going forward.

Glassdoor interview trends


Note: Ratings by job title report is not available for Canadian French, France or German profiles.

Employer Profile

Employer Profile Activity:

This dashboard shows the traffic to your Glassdoor profile by month. You can filter by country, select custom dates and benchmark against competitors.

Compare to other companies glassdoor employer center

Candidate Demographics:

This dashboard gives you a deeper understanding of who is researching you on Glassdoor. Understand their:

  • Education level
  • Years of experience
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Top job titles of interest*
  • Competitors being researched*
  • Location

You can look at demographics by country and compare your demographics to other companies. *Top job titles of interest is not available for German profiles.

Company Update Analytics:

Posting updates such as interesting initiatives or press pieces can help candidates get a sense of what your company's been up to. In this section you can see how your posts are performing - total updates, impressions, clicks and likes - to learn what resonates with your audience so you can optimize future posts for engagement. Filter your data over time and by country to zero in on areas that matter most to you.

Note: The engagement rate metric is only available for US profiles.

Follower Demographics & Follower Engagement:

Our two Follower Reports give you a deeper understanding of your Glassdoor follower audience and their engagement so you can deliver better content to your Glassdoor talent pool. See a breakdown of your followers across job functions or benchmark your follower engagement compared to your competitors!

Note: Job function follower demographics are not available for French or German profiles.

Follower Demographics

Follower Engagement

By the Numbers

Followers are 2X more likely to view, click, and apply start on jobs than non-followers.10

Employer Tools: Maximize your presence on Glassdoor with Badges and by becoming an OpenCompany.


Complete five steps in order to obtain an OpenCompany profile badge that you can feature on your profile. OpenCompany is a Glassdoor program designed to recognize companies that embrace transparency.

The five steps to get your OpenCompany badge are to verify your company details, add photos, acquire reviews, respond to reviews, and promote your profile. Learn more about the detailed requirements in your Employer Center under Employer Tools.


Promote your Glassdoor profile on your career website, recruiting blog, or social media channels with a Glassdoor badge to drive candidates to your profile. you can select a design, size, and language, and we'll provide the code snippet you need!

Manage and promote your employer brand in front of our 50 million+ monthly visitors.11 Unlock your Free Employer Account today.


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