Hunter Industries

Industry: Consumer Products Manufacturing

Hunter Industries is a family-owned, global company that provides high quality, efficient solutions for the irrigation, outdoor lighting and custom manufacturing industries.

  • 350%
    Increase in awareness
    Traffic to Hunter's Glassdoor profile Nov. '14 - June '15
  • 3X
    More traffic than LinkedIn
    Hunter's Glassdoor profile received an average of 3X more traffic than their LinkedIn Career Page (Jan. - June 2015)
  • 75%
    More traffic than industry average
    Compared to other manufacturing companies with Glassdoor profiles

Glassdoor equips us with highly valuable analytics and key insights into candidate behavior and employee satisfaction. We’re able to quickly assess how we’re doing and discover areas to improve on. I also love partnering with the Glassdoor team. Their level of customer service is remarkable and I really view our relationship as a true partnership. Scotty Oliver, Manager, Global Talent Acquisition & Talent Development, Hunter


  • Attract more quality candidates to career opportunities
  • Showcase Hunter’s culture to prospective employees
  • Build employer brand and increase awareness


  • Enhanced Profile:
    • Show job seekers latest career openings
    • Incorporate company photos and videos
    • Share the latest company updates
Job Ads: Advertise open roles to a targeted audience

Helping Job Seekers to:

  • Get an inside scoop on Hunter's company culture
  • Effectively prepare for interviews
  • Find & apply to latest career opportunities

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