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workplace trends for Gen Z

3 workplace trends Gen Z is driving

What older generations wanted from employers simply won't cut it with Gen Z workers. They expect more. With companies continuing to struggle to find workers, younger job seekers have the power to be choosier, allowing companies to step up their game and make changes to attract workers and keep them happy.

Our economic research explored how this vocal, emerging generation is shaping and changing the workplace. If you're looking to hire from this cohort, you'll want to pay attention to these trends, as Gen Z's demands have the potential to change up the experience for all employees.

WFH: Remote work is (mostly) here to stay

Remote work (or at least hybrid) likely isn't going away anytime soon, or at least it shouldn't be. Most of Gen Z adamantly want to continue working from home, after two years of doing so during the pandemic. While COVID-19 forced the issue, worker empowerment and a smaller supply of applicants are keeping the demand for remote work high. Your company may need to offer remote work to get your positions filled.

Considering remote workers also means a greater pool of applicants as companies can choose from talent across the country. At the same time, this also leads to greater competition for talent with employers in other regions.

Of course, not every job can be done remotely. Employers are offering things like better wages, hiring bonuses, and improved benefits packages to entice workers to jobs that must be done in person.

Show workers you care with good benefits 

Gen Z wants a job that offers them work-life balance, good health insurance, and other benefits. We've learned that this is true across generations, with inflation playing a key role. While more employees are asking for higher pay, our research shows that the demand for better benefits is also on the rise, and can give you a competitive edge. This is particularly true if you cannot offer remote or hybrid work: benefits are a critical part of the total compensation package.

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Company culture matters more than ever

Gen Z is having an enormous impact on company culture. While it seems like a no-brainer, Glassdoor's research backs up that when workers are satisfied, they stay longer. Employees who rate their employers lower on Glassdoor are twice as likely to click on a job posting than those who give their company five stars.

Company culture includes salary transparency, health and wellness benefits; work-life balance; work location and/or hours flexibility; and diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives. It's not just about having a good salary, employees want to feel happy and valued at work. Only 49% of people we surveyed say their company is measuring employee happiness and well-being. This focus on great company culture is much more important to Generation Z vs. millennials in the workplace.

Bring your A-game to attract Z workers

While no generation is a monolith, keeping these tips and other trends in mind while recruiting and retaining Gen Z workers will make your company a better place for everyone to work. Improving on aspects like work/life balance, company culture, job location flexibility, and offering better and broader benefits will help drive recruiting and retention efforts across your organization.