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why photos are a must for your employer brand

Why Photos Are a Must for Your Employer Brand

As social media has become the leading way of connecting with others and with brands, photo sharing has become the choice method for making social and emotional connections. As a result, your company simply can't build an authentic employer brand without photos. Find out how photo sharing is an important part of any employment branding effort.

Join the Visual Conversation

Some of the fastest growing social media sites are extremely visual oriented, such as Pinterest and Instagram. If your careers site, social media pages and Glassdoor profile don’t include photographs, your company and your employer brand will miss out on having an engaging, visual presence on these popular platforms.

Show Off Employee Satisfaction

The smiling faces of your contented employees may be one of the most powerful sights potential candidates can see to be convinced that your company is the right place for them. Employer branding photos make it easy to show those faces in creative ways. For instance, on its recruiting-focused Instagram account, Marriott Careers features a number of photos of individual employees from around the world, each holding a sign that reads, “Marriott: Where I Belong.” Marriott also has plenty of photos on the company's Glassdoor profile showcasing every detail from the parking lot to hotel sites.

Encourage Employee-Generated Content

At company events and training sessions, encourage employees to post their best photos on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Glassdoor. When employees post their own photos of what’s going on in your company, they offer you something only they can: authenticity. When potential job candidates search for your company online, and see images of your employees having fun, learning together, and making a difference together, it all adds up to a powerful, employee-led brand.

Tell Stories

The best stories are always illustrated. Using photos to share the stories behind your employer brand helps make your stories more memorable and engaging. For instance, on its Tumblr page, which is titled “NPR Life: What It’s Like to Work at NPR,” National Public Radio (NPR) builds its employer brand by sharing the backstories of new employees, detailing the features of its new office space and explores the experience of interning at the organization. To bring these stories to life, the site features childhood photos of its employees, photos of its new headquarters building, and any other images that help illustrate the stories it wants to tell potential candidates.

Make Your Photos Searchable

While many consumers (and your own employees) may frequently take and share photos, they may not be optimizing them for search. You and your employees can use certain hashtags or tag your company in these posts, so that when potential employees search for information about your company, your photos will show up. Pongr, a photo-sharing application that uses image recognition technology, turns the photo-tagging process into a game. Users get points for certain types of photos with certain objects or behaviors visible in the photos, and brands get tagged in the process.