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Can Content Marketing Help You Hire? (3 Tips to Make It Work For You)

Can Content Marketing Help You Hire? (3 Tips to Make It Work For You)

The talent landscape is more competitive than ever, particularly in sectors such as tech and engineering, which the U.S. Labor Department estimates will grow 11% between now and 2029. With more job options available than ever before, in-demand candidates are looking beyond job boards and job descriptions to carefully review their options and see what kind of company they want to work for. 

Over the past few years, companies have increasingly turned to employer brand and recruiting content marketing, a strategy in which organizations publish content to position themselves as thought leaders in their prospective industry to attract and build relationships with top talent in their field. 

Content marketing helps develop thought leadership, which can be a powerful employee recruitment tool that puts a company's values and priorities into words for candidates to see and paints a clear picture of what it's like to work for an organization. 

Here are three basic rules for creating compelling content that establishes thought leadership and gets a second look from top talent. 

1. Make Thought Leadership a Part of Your Company Culture 

High-quality candidates are motivated to work for the best minds in their industry. When leaders regularly contribute content to external publications and serve as guest speakers and panelists for industry events, they help build a strong employer brand that can catch the attention of top candidates

But creating a culture of thought leadership doesn't stop in the c-suite. You can make content marketing work double-time for your company by establishing a learning and development program for employees who are interested in becoming subject matter experts themselves. Not only will this demonstrate a company-wide commitment to excellence, but smart candidates will be attracted to the promise that you'll help them develop their leadership skills as well. 

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2. Focus on Relevant Content that Resonates

True thought leaders are not just highly knowledgeable about their chosen field - they bring a unique perspective to their subject area and a passion for innovation and progress. These unique takes can attract high-caliber candidates because they differentiate your company from the rest, making a real and often personal connection with candidates who are open to pursuing a new role. 

As you create quality content marketing pieces for your employer brand, encourage your featured leaders to tell personal stories and ask thought-provoking questions - anything that will allow you to put out work with a unique voice and attract a following of like-minded candidates. 

Then, when you push this content out to industry publications, social channels, and employer branding partners like Glassdoor, prospective candidates will likely take notice and see themselves in what you've shared. 

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3. Be Consistent With Your Messaging

Consistency is key when creating thought leadership content. The best and brightest in your field are always on the lookout for the latest information and will quickly notice which companies are contributing to the pulse of the industry and which are not.

Consistency also comes in the form of the content you're putting out. While the subject matter may vary in the content your company shares, your company's values, mission, and purpose should always be communicated clearly and consistently across all channels. This type of consistent messaging can help candidates gain a clearer picture of company culture and give them a sense of what it's like to be a part of the team.

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Strengthen Your Employer Brand With Content Marketing

Using content marketing to develop thought leadership can be a powerful employee recruitment tool. Many top candidates are motivated by a desire to work with the best thinkers in their field and are attracted to companies that demonstrate the highest level of expertise and convey a commitment to innovation. 

When done well, content marketing for recruiting can demonstrate a commitment to innovation, allow prospective candidates to connect with your unique perspective, and consistently position your company as a top thinker in a space prospective candidates care about deeply. 

Investing in content marketing to build a strong employer brand can get future candidates excited to join your team and even help your company streamline the hiring process. But content marketing is only one piece of the puzzle. Glassdoor can help you tell your story and show ideal candidates why they want to work with you. See how Glassdoor can help you tell your story.