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Introducing Work From Home: Showcase Your Remote Policies & Programs

Job seekers are, now more than ever, interested in the current and long term remote work policies for the companies they are researching. With Work From Home Policies & Programs, you can share your specific remote policies, who they apply to, how they will evolve with pre/post COVID-19, and highlight any dedicated programs that help your employees work from home successfully. Give job seekers the crucial information they are looking for at their fingertips and find solid candidates that are the best organizational fit for you.

How to navigate to Work From Home?

  1. Go to the "Employer Profile" tile in the Employer Center (EC)
  2. Hover over the new "Benefits" tab on the navigation bar
  3. Select "Work From Home"
  4. Add in your company specific policies and/or programs to display to potential candidates

The new content will display at the top of the existing Work From Home Benefits page on Glassdoor. Future areas of Glassdoor where Work From Home content will be integrated are the Company Overview page, main Benefits page, and in the job search experience.

Work From Home provides all Free and Enhanced Profile employer pages structured guidance on what content is the most important for potential candidates. Learn more on Work From Home here.