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How to Turn Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

Human resources professionals can spend all their time crafting messages, updating profiles and responding to online reviews to keep their company’s employer brand intact. But none of those efforts may be as effective as the positive words of current employees.

When your employees post raving reviews of your workplace on Glassdoor and social media, and when they tell friends and acquaintances how great it is to work at your company, that brand-building is priceless. But how do you turn your employees into such cheerleaders for your employer brand? Here are five steps to making it happen and reaping the rewards.

Share the Message

Rather than assuming that all employees know the brand message you’re working to convey to job candidates, explicitly share those messages with all employees. Provide them a concise statement of the top qualities you want to focus on when it comes to what it’s like to work at your company. Invite their feedback and take it seriously, then encourage them to help spread the word about what it’s like to work at your firm. Don't be shy about encouraging reviews, because once you have them, it's easy to leverage employee reviews.

Encourage Photo Sharing

Everybody loves a good photo. According to Wishpond, a social media marketing company, Facebook posts that include a photo are 120 percent more likely to generate likes, comments and other engagement than those that don’t. Encourage your employees to post their photos from company events, lunch with co-workers, company milestones and anything else that communicates a positive work environment or experience.

Create Employment Videos

Most of the potential job candidates you want to reach may never meet your most satisfied employees in person to hear their positive stories. But you can harness the power of video to allow these employee brand ambassadors to tell their stories in their own words with their own styles, conveying the culture, message and mission of your workplace. Post these videos on your careers website, on Glassdoor, and on social media networks including Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.