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How to Participate in Conversations Around Your Company on Fishbowl

Conversations about your company's true employee experience are happening all the time. And since these conversations can shape your company's public perception, it's important to have a window into what employees really think about your company. Employees from many industries and across all roles are talking on Fishbowl by Glassdoor, and you can join in, get an understanding of where your teams are, and meet them there.  

See What Conversations People Are Having 

Fishbowl by Glassdoor is a fast-growing social network for professionals to ask questions and have candid and relevant conversations about career, industry, and workplace topics. 

But Fishbowl isn't just an employee engagement platform. Job seekers - even ones who may have a potential job offer from you - and other industry professionals can feel comfortable using the platform to share their opinions through varying levels of anonymity. They're free to ask questions on a variety of topics, such as company leadership, benefits, or what people really think about the coffee in the breakroom. 

You rely on your employer profile on Glassdoor to tell prospective employees and the world about your company. Fishbowl takes your employer profile a step further by automatically adding candid, user-generated content from real-time industry conversations among people who understand your company - and who can really speak to the topic. Conversations from your Company Bowl, a space for verified employees, will not be highlighted on your Glassdoor profile.

Why Should You Join In?

A lot of companies turn to anonymous internal surveys to get a pulse of how their employees feel. But these tools don't always tell the whole story. Even if the survey allows for written comments, it's one-sided input. On Fishbowl, you can have two-way conversations on a variety of topics - called Bowls - with your employees and industry professionals, allowing you to get ahead of negative criticism, clear up any confusion or misunderstandings, and remedy any missteps before they affect employee morale. 

Joining your company's Bowl on Fishbowl also gives you the ability to have a voice in these conversations and build your company's reputation. Share your company's policy on salary transparency, highlight how your teams are creating a more inclusive workplace, or jump into a community on company benefits.

While you might already have some of this information on your Glassdoor profile, Fishbowl is where you can dive deeper, respond to questions, constructively engage, and really level up your company's reputation. Participating in these conversations is not only a chance to be an authority on these topics, but it can help influence other professionals' views about your company's policies, beliefs, and values.

Engage With Your Employees Where They Are

With Fishbowl, it's easier than ever to get a glimpse at what employees want more of and what job seekers expect, whether it's an entry-level employee weighing a job offer or a professional with 20 years of experience sharing how their career has evolved. By participating, you meet employees where they already are - in their minds, online, and in their career journey. 

See what conversations are happening now on Fishbowl.