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Brand Impressions: Glassdoor's Newest Metric to understand your Employer Brand!

Understanding how job seekers are engaging with your online content is a key component of crafting a strong employer brand strategy. For that reason, we've released a brand-new analytic to all employers on Glassdoor that offers more granular insight into jobseeker behavior on Glassdoor than ever before: Brand Impressions.

Brand Impressions data captures how job seekers are engaging with your brand across Glassdoor's web, app, and email content. This can be any content that represents or mentions your company's name, including your logo, salaries, photos, company updates, polls,  jobs, branded content, company comparison, emails, and more.

This highly requested analytics report can be found in your Employer Center.  You can track Total Brand Impressions, in addition to a breakdown of impressions by key categories, such as reviews, your employer profile, salaries, and jobs! Measuring and tracking these impressions over time can provide insight into where you should focus your time and take action to drive stronger brand awareness and consideration.

Employers with an Enhanced Profile may also filter this data by country location for increased granularity and compare their impressions to those of their competitors to see how they compare.

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