A Glassdoor Free Employer Profile is Table Stakes. Here's What You Gain with an Enhanced Profile - Glassdoor for Employers

A Glassdoor Free Employer Profile is Table Stakes. Here's What You Gain with an Enhanced Profile

At Glassdoor, we believe that greater transparency helps candidates find the right jobs, and employers find the right candidates. That's why all employers have the option to claim a Free Employer Profile, which allows you to update your basic company information, give job seekers a preview of what it's like to work for your company, gain visibility into how many people are visiting your profile, and respond to reviews.

Given that 8 in 10 Glassdoor users agree that their perception of a company improves after seeing them respond to a review (1), it's impossible to deny the importance of having a strategy for optimizing your Glassdoor profile. Keep in mind, though, that other companies can advertise jobs on your page and access to analytics is limited with your free account.

Your Free Employer Profile is Just the Beginning

The essential tools you gain with a Glassdoor Free Employer Profile just scratch the surface of the powerful engine for turning a self-propelling flywheel of job seeker interest, employee engagement, authentic reviews, great employer reputation, and - starting the cycle over again - successful recruiting. With your Glassdoor Enhanced Profile, you can unlock deeper analytics and insights, and take full advantage of your employer brand presence. Here's an overview.

With a Glassdoor Enhanced Profile, you can:

1. Amplify Your 'Why'

Feature a review that best highlights you as an employer job seekers will want to work for, and further customize content to let your authenticity shine. Grow your story with custom content, including the ability to add:

  • A robust 'Why Work With Us" section
  • A custom photo and video featured at the top of your profile
  • Company-shared photos and videos featuring internal events and team activities
  • Social media integrations to easily amplify Glassdoor content

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2. Fully Own Your Space

Protect your profile from other companies' advertised content and jobs. Our Enhanced Profile lets you highlight your branded job postings, ensure only your jobs appear on your profile, and remove competitor advertisements from your branded profile.

By the numbers: Glassdoor customers see almost 2X more clicks per job after purchasing an Enhanced Profile (2)

3. Beat the Competition

Promote your company and jobs on selected competitor pages. By having a branded presence on other profiles across Glassdoor, you'll increase brand awareness directly and get your jobs in front of more talent! A Standard Employer Profile allows you to post your job openings and employer brand presence on 5 competitor profiles, and a Select Employer Profile allows you to post your job openings and brand presence on 10 competitor profiles.

By the numbers: The more a candidate sees a company's brand over time the more likely they are to apply (3)

4. Engage & Influence Specific Job Seekers

Shape the right message for different segments with powerful targeting that allows you to put authentic stories of interest to specific job titles and demographics in front of the right job seekers.

By the numbers: Glassdoor customers see almost 50% more page views after purchasing an Enhanced Profile.(4) Top three tabs with the highest lifts in page views:

  1. Photos
  2. Jobs
  3. Overview

5. Tell a Consistent Story

Present a seamless employer brand no matter how complex your organizational structure using affiliated and nested profiles. These offer the flexibility of showcasing local cultures and initiatives with tailored content, while still sharing your brand story at large.

6. Leverage Deep Analytics & Insights

Build on your employer brand and grow your story with deeper analytics, such as:

  • Follower demographics & engagement
  • Ratings by job title & location
  • Competitor comparisons
  • Keyword analysis of reviews
  • Industry benchmarking (5)
  • Indeed reviews & ratings comparisons

Remember, the best employer brands are built organically and authentically by people, not propped up and processed by executives. That's why it's so important to build your employer brand from the inside out - by treating your people well, ensuring everyone has a feeling of belonging, and listening to and learning from real feedback in Glassdoor reviews. It's only then that the genuine story about your workplace - told by the people who know it best - will serve to draw more great people, diverse perspectives and innovation to your company.

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(2) Glassdoor Internal Data, Feb 2018 - 2019. Average change, based on analysis of the 'Jobs' tab for 2,500 employer profiles, compared to a control group
(3) Glassdoor Internal Data, 2019. Glassdoor job seekers who saw a company's brand 10+ times were 6x more likely to apply than those who saw it once. *Based on analysis using data of 21 million users viewing 1,047 Glassdoor customers' brand
(4) Glassdoor Internal Data, Feb 2018 - Feb 2019. Average change, based on an analysis of 2,500 employer profiles, compared to a control group
(5) Available with Select Profiles