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Does Your Company Really Have an Employer Brand?

Your employer brand is the promise you make to potential employees, as well as the impression they have of your company, and many potential employees may already have preconceived ideas about what it’s like to work at your company. Those ideas could have come from knowing a current or former employee, or from reading something about your company online or in a newspaper, so weather or not you’re contributing to it, every company has an existing employment brand.

Developing and maintaining a desirable employment brand takes focused dedication and perseverance. If you have not been explicitly orchestrating your employer brand, your company may not be sending clear messages about your workplace.

To develop a consistent, accurate and desirable employment brand, ask yourself these questions.

Do You Have a Clear Value Proposition?

Your employer value proposition is a succinct statement of your promise to employees and potential employees. It is a focused statement that simplifies the things that are most important to you as an employer. For instance, if your company is focused on providing training and development opportunities to help employees better advance their careers, that should be a focus of your value proposition. If working at your company involves a focus on community service, that should be included as well.

Are you Communicating it Consistently?

If you answered “yes” to the first question, congratulations. You’re on the right track. But are you consistently communicating that value proposition to potential job candidates and current employees? It should be the focused message against which you measure all communications, both in person and online.

Make sure your social media messages can all relate back to your employer value proposition and the core messages you want to send to potential employees. Rethink your interview process and consider whether you are continuing to communicate these values and messages throughout.

In addition, you must communicate that value proposition to current employees so they understand the basic messages you want to send about your workplace. Also, ask for honest employee feedback to determine whether you’re doing a good job of living up to the promise.

Are You Sharing Stories?

Potential job candidates are not likely to be interested in the statistics and facts associated with your workplace. Instead, they want to hear the stories of the people who work there, the memorable moments employees share, and what life is like in your company. Share these stories with various forms of content — words, photos, videos — and in various places — on your careers site, social media sites and in person at career fairs and of course on your Glassdoor employer profile.

Are you Measuring Response to the Brand?

You don’t truly have an employer brand until you have measured brand effectiveness to see if it’s working. Once you have begun working toward establishing a viable employer brand, keep track of changes in the number of applicants for open positions, the number of comments on your social media profiles, and requests for information. As you measure response, continue to tweak your brand.