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  • Wondering about a "content first" design strategy and how to implement it? Here are three ways to make your design process more content forward:

    Three Ways to Make Content Part of Your Design Strategy

    You know what they say: It's a content-driven world, and we're all living in it. (Okay, maybe they don't say that. But they should, because it's true.) Content is the topic on everyone's lips: What is "good" content? How do we produce good content? How can we get more eyeballs on the good content we produce?

  • We built an employee tool in 1 week— here's how:

    How We Built an Employee Tool in 1 Week - Myplanet Musings - Medium

    Monday started with coffee, breakfast and greetings. Our team of five included: our client as the domain expert and decider; our Chief Design Officer Erik von Stackelberg as the Facilitator; our Chief Technology Officer Yashar Rassoulli as the Technology Lead; myself as the Interaction Designer; and Andrew Semuschak, our Associate Director of Visual Design as the Visual Interface Designer.

  • Fringe no more: AR & VR are poised to enter mainstream use. Read about our latest proof-of-concept working with a great customer who wanted to explore just what kinds of workplace tools & uses could be possible with Microsoft HoloLens:

    The New Reality: Microsoft HoloLens and the Rise of AR

    Augmented and virtual reality (AR & VR) are starting to enter mainstream use in a way they haven't before. Neither concept is new, but advances in both fields have long been confined primarily to the game-play space.

  • We take a look at the year that 2017 was, and make some predictions about the year we expect 2018 will be. Our final post for 2017:

    Looking Back, Looking Ahead - Myplanet Musings - Medium

    Last week, we took stock of our top stories. Looking back on our writing gives us a chance to reflect on some of the specific work, ideas, and projects we had throughout the year, which is a fun way to revisit some of our most impactful stories and recall the events surrounding them.

  • An ICYMI for the entire year! Our top stories of 2017:

    Greatest Hits: Our Top Stories of 2017 - Myplanet Musings - Medium

    The end of a year tends to make folks wax nostalgic. December rolls around and almost immediately we look back through Facebook's auto-generated year-in-review video. We share our Spotify most-listened-to lists with an intoxicating mix of pride and shame.

  • One for the record books, for sure. Forget a matching pair, we've got four-of-a-kind! Though it does raise the question of who wore it best...?
    Happy Friday, from our business casual gang to yours!

  • "People face frustrations and roadblocks like these all the time with business software. That’s why what’s more interesting and instructive to me than the specific flaws she’s dealing with, is the larger and more crucial flaw that’s at the heart of it: a technology solution implemented without fully considering the implications."

    Smart Board, Dumb Idea: When Great Tech Solutions Miss the Mark

    A few weeks ago I caught up with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time. As we were chatting about our lives, she mentioned how much she loved her new job. She's a teacher now and, unsurprisingly for...

  • Working in a startup can be difficult. As a designer or developer you'll find you end up in more meetings than you'd like. Here are 8 things you can do to take back your time, and make your meetings far more effective.

    8 Things You Should Do to Hack Your Meetings

    With Help From Google & Apple Business meetings can be the death of productivity. Yes, I said it. If you've got a meeting and there's no structure to it, run and hide. We've all been there. You're summoned to a meeting by a colleague, or put on a repeating meeting schedule where the idea is to "check-in" or "brainstorm".

  • We just published: 5 Actionable UX Principles Everyone Should Understand - it's a quick 7min read

    5 Actionable UX Principles

    Over the last decade, few aspects of software have gathered more attention and appreciation than "usability". As releases have given way to iterations and functional has merged with "sexy", most members of the tech community now?-?finally?-?recognize that within the holistic context of a software product UX can play a "make or break" role.

  • "By their very nature flat companies are at the mercy of the self-organized, self-motivated contributors. They're opportunities for you to make an impact" - Cahill on corporate culture:

    What's really going on with corporate culture

    "You know what the problem with this place is....?" Company culture. It's one of the invisible hands that internally guides every company towards success or failure. And while it's desperately important to the life of every company, it's hard to manage and near impossible to pinpoint one single influence.

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