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  • Maximizing the Impact of Technology in Retail. We looked at four major retailers to better understand the interaction points for both employees and customers— and how they impact retail bottom lines.

  • Myplanet's Ventures team works in fast cycles with a fair bit of uncertainty to grow businesses and opportunities— but how do they do it? Venture Design plays a big part. Read about it here:

  • Formula 1 racers use the "ideal line" to improve performance times— so why shouldn't Amazon DeepRacer? A look at how to create a path of best performance in DeepRacer's ML training

  • Read the latest from our Product Strategy Lead, Shaunna Bruton, discussing how Product Manager duties shift between product and services environment— and what that could mean for you:

  • Creating a "ThinkGroup" dramatically improved our Product Strategy team's sense of identity, their output, and their growth as individuals and as a team. Our own Director of Product Strategy shares her insights on how they made it happen here:

    How to Strengthen Your Product Management Team

    Our ThinkGroup is focused on creating a sense of community, evolving product strategy as a practice, and generally learning new things. If you're bringing a group of people together, it's a good idea to have some clear goals. Run an affinity mapping exercise to uncover the outcomes that individuals want to achieve from the group.

  • Our Ventures team has been busy working on a new concept in partnership with Focals by North. Introducing Project Clear: A guided tour for travellers powered by Amazon Alexa that works with your smart glasses:

    Myplanet Ventures

    A guided tour at your own pace Travellers often venture to destinations they've never visited before, but they dislike the lengthy research and comparison process required to make the most of their trip. Guided tours offer one solution, but frequently leave visitors feeling like cattle being herded unceremoniously from one stop to the next.

  • We published our look at the state of voice technology today, featuring insights from our in-house experts who are actively building voice experiences every day:

  • Major Myplanet announcement today: Introducing our new Ventures division, created to help seed stage founders launch new businesses that matter.

  • Introducing the Myplanet Smarter Pattern Library— an interaction pattern library that provides solutions for common AI challenges. Bookmark it, refer to it often, and check back often as it's constantly evolving:

  • We dug deep on the retail industry to unearth how factors like sector and age impact the digital tools and interface upgrades retailers should invest in:

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