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  • Bookmark this for your Saturday morning laze-about-in-bed-without-feeling-guilty read. Our take on where retail technology is headed and how businesses can prepare:

    Surviving & Thriving in Retail: Key Themes for 2019

    Myplanet has worked with some of the world's leading retail companies in a number of sectors (consumer electronics, luxury goods, athletic apparel, travel, financial, and telecommunications to name a few) and it's always interesting to compare and contrast industry insider perspectives with our own.

  • Our #Fellowship program is back! Read about what makes Myplanet dev Laura Johnson, Myplanet CTO Yashar Rassoulli, and Myplanet Director of IT continue to believe in it and devote their time to it: =

    Building a Better Learn to Code Bootcamp

    In a little over two months, we'll be heading down to Costa Rica to kick off our 2-week long Fellowship program. It's the second year we'll be running it in partnership with Manatí, the software studio we joined with last year when we first decided to go international, and we're even more excited this time around.

  • The Accessibility Summit was amazing on Monday and a great way to kick off DrupalCon Seattle. Now we're gearing up for our own Geoff Appleby's presentation tomorrow. Hope to see some friendly faces there!

    Is your site really safe from XSS? Bringing Content Security Policy to Drupal

    If a content editor copying some text onto a page of your site inadvertently pasted some inline JavaScript, would you know? If one of your JavaScript dependencies were altered to start sending sensitive form data to a third-party site, could you prevent it?

  • DrupalCon Seattle is opening this year with the one-day Front End Accessibility Summit, featuring both our Director of Technology Services, Everett Zufelt, and one of our Senior Drupal Developers, Laura Johnson. Don't miss this one— it's going to be an incredibly worthwhile day.

    Front End Accessibility Summit: Optimize for Inclusion

    Date: Monday, April 8Time: 8:30 am - 5:00 pmCost: $199 (Coffee and lunch included)Hashtag: #DrupalAccessibility Register Today

  • Sneak peek time! Our own Laura Johnson wrote on Machine Learning + Web Accessibility. She'll be presenting on the topic on Monday at the DrupalCon Accessibility Summit in Seattle, but you can get an advance look at what she'll be talking about here:

    Making the Web More Accessible Using Machine Learning

    High-level Indication Today, accessibility testing tools can use rules-based methods to point at specific WCAG issues (for example, does an image have an alt tag or not?) But these tools can detect only 25% of total errors; the other 75% require manual testing.

  • One of our designers, Kazden Cattapan, wrote about how to ramp up your strategic thinking as a designer. It's a skill that doesn't get talked about enough when it comes to producing great design work. Take a read here:

    Strategic Thinking for Designers

    The first step toward becoming a more strategic-thinking designer is to learn how to anticipate. Great strategic designers are vigilant, honing their ability to anticipate design trends by scanning the environment for signals of change.

  • We had a chance to speak with Carrie Russell on the future of financial services technology and the impact emerging Fintech leaders will have on the future of banking:

    Budgeting for Change: How New Technologies Will Transform the Financial Sector

    Maybe in the past few weeks you've become the proud owner of a new phone, tablet, or smartwatch. Or maybe you're upgrading your home security, temperature control, or lighting system to a smart monitored one. Or maybe, like the seemingly countless multitudes, you recently got a smart speaker to join the 41% of US consumers who owned a smart speaker in 2018.

  • Designers have the perfect opportunity to carve out what the standards and practices should be when it comes to designing for AI. Here's what our Lailee Soleimani has to say about best practices after attending the AI World Forum conference last week:

    How to be a better designer for AI

    I'm not going to write a full report of the conference here. If you're curious to know who the speakers were and what they talked about take a peek at my twitter feed. I captured the highlights when I wasn't distracted by the incredible Art Deco architecture of the Carlu.

  • Our AI Partner Specialist Trishala Pillai will be among the speakers at the AI World Forum on Monday— be sure to check out her panel if you're going to be there! #AI #events #conference #Torontoevents #TO

    AI World Forum - The World's Leading AI Conference

    The AI World Forum is a 2-day educational innovation conference that brings together global thought leaders in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to advance the dialogue on the AI revolution.

  • Our latest post is live— check out The Future of Retail in the Palm of Your Hand by our own Leigh Bryant, featuring insights from Alan Whitfield of Harry Rosen and Alexander Ringsdorff of NewStore:

    The Future of Retail in the Palm of Your Hand - Myplanet Musings - Medium

    The retail landscape has changed dramatically over the last two decades. Traditional brick & mortar shopping has been facing decline across sectors as online shopping has made inroads into consumer purchasing habits and as a result, consumer expectations have shifted. But there's a reason even Amazon has opened up brick & mortar locations of its own.

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