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  • Will Artificial Intelligence Make Banking More Human? Our latest blog post featuring insights from Myplanet advisor and Fintech expert, Carrie Russell:

    Will Artificial Intelligence Make Banking More Human?

    It's a strange idea to roll around in your mind: that two things we tend to think of as cold or robotic?-?artificial intelligence and finance?-?can possibly combine in any way to make the experience of them more human. It seems unfathomable. But it's a compelling idea all the same.

  • Our own Director of Technology Services, Everett Zufelt, will be leading a webinar hosted by dotCMS on taking digital accessibility beyond just compliance on Jan 31st at 11am. Reserve your spot here:

    Going Beyond Digital Accessibility with Your Content Management System

    From smart speakers to wearable technology, new touch points are now constantly emerging see how your CMS can help you meet your digital accessibility challenges

  • Great people = great party. Check out this small taste of our year-end staff party:

  • Our 3 part gift guide for the designers, developers, and product people in your life. There's still time to get the perfect present!

    The Perfect Gift: Part 3 - Myplanet Musings - Medium

    So here it is, the final instalment in our 3 part gift giving guide. Maybe it's the one you've been most eagerly awaiting (developers can be a little tough to read, I wouldn't blame you for wanting a bit of help in selecting a gift) or maybe you stumbled here after a desperate Google search.

  • Our Lead User Researcher, Cara Tsang, shared insights into how to conduct effective user research with kids. Here's a sneak peek: ����������
    Check out the rest on our blog!

    How to do user research with kids - Myplanet - Medium

    As any parent, youth educator, or frequent babysitter knows, children aren't merely "small adults": they have a different set of perspectives, logic, and attitudes that drive how they perceive and interact with the world around them.

  • Check out our latest work with CNIB— we created a voice app that works with calendar software to offer an easy, accessible option for low vision and blind users:

    Voice UI Can Reshape Your Workplace to Be More Accessible

    An area that often gets short shrift in the design and development of new software is accessibility. It's set apart as niche work and seen as an added, arduous expense. But it shouldn't be. By its very nature, accessible software is user-centred software and user-centred software tends to mean great products overall.

  • How does the "cognitive workplace" move from theoretical future state to actual current reality? We spoke with Myplanet Advisor Matt Vasey on what he sees as the key challenges to implementation in workplace AI and how we can overcome them:

    Mind the Gaps: Overcoming Friction in Implementing Workplace AI

    When we look 5, 10, maybe 25 years into the future, we see workplaces where employees are using software that amplifies their efforts and improves their output. It's a future where automation relieves staff of the menial tasks and drudgery that occupy so much of their day-to-day work experience today and allows them to focus instead on the fulfilling work they're passionate about.

  • Designing for AI brings a host of new complications and considerations. Here are 10 design patters for AI to keep your products and apps user-centred and friendly:

    10 UI Patterns For a Human Friendly AI - Myplanet Musings - Medium

    Machine bias is a hot topic in our industry. Since Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky revolutionized our understanding of human judgement processes, different industries have been obsessed with cognitive bias mitigation and reducing risks that affect human rights. And for the tech industry, AI has been a good candidate.

  • "How can AI make those 43 years of our lives spent at work more meaningful, safer, more productive, and less mundane?" Read our latest:

    The Four Principles of Creating with AI in the Workplace

    By: Trishala Pillai and Erik von Stackelberg This article is an adapted version of a talk delivered at AIFest 2018 in Montreal . Statistics Canada found that the average Canadian works roughly 40 hours a week. It may not seem like much, but even with public holidays, vacation time, and an expected retirement age of 65, that's 124,800 hours spent at work.

  • "A product vision outlines success criteria for delivering value and can ensure the team , stakeholders, and creators alike are all on the same page and know what their objectives are." Why you need a strong Product Vision:

    Product Vision, Trust, & Creativity - Myplanet Musings - Medium

    Every day on a project, decision after decision is being made to push the project team closer to the delivery of the final product. But how do we know if our decisions will get us to our goal? One way is to have a clear product vision established early in the project.

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