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  • Somethings are better left analog, even in the digital world. MediaMath Technical Recruiter Jason Weid lays out his 4 rules for making sure the human touch isn't lost in recruiting.

    Handle With Care: Humans in the Recruiting Process

    When I began tech recruiting during the "dot com" boom, no one thought about candidate experience. Our priority was filling the position as fast as possible to move on to the next one. We had a churn and burn mentality because recruiting was not as competitive and candidates would leap at any opportunity to work in our field.

  • By 2020, the DOL predicts that 1 million tech jobs will go unfilled. Two of our devs are doing their part to close the talent gap by volunteering with ScriptEd, teaching programming to high school students. Read all about their experience here.

    MediaMath Developer Blog " MediaMath Do-Gooders: Teaching Coding In NYC High Schools

    Colin MacKenzie, a developer on MediaMath's API team, was at a conference with his teammate Adrian Frimpong last October when the presenter offered some unusual advice: instead of becoming an expert on a specific language or learning a new tool, developers should spend time strengthening their coding fundamentals.

  • Don’t get fooled by a beer fridge or Ping-Pong table in your job search. The best places to work are those that empower their employees to succeed. Look for these 3 signs that your future dream company will invest in your future. And don’t worry—they'll probably have cool perks, too.

    Look Past the Beer Fridge: 3 Signs a Company Empowers Its Employees

    Visualize the best workplace you can imagine. If you have been following the office perks arms race, you see an open-office plan decked out in quirky memorabilia and bright colors, standing desks, and beanbag chairs. A co-worker's dog laps water from a bowl in the kitchen, which is fully stocked with beverages, snacks, smoothie bar, and beer tap.

  • Headway Digital outlines the three key concepts behind executing data-driven campaigns on behalf of their clients, and addresses how agencies can rise to the occasion of enabling marketers to make smarter decisions.

  • It's crucial that marketers are able to make informed decisions as to which marketing channel is performing best against their goals. Edwin Lee, VP Global Retail, explains how leveraging attribution models can inform more sophisticated bidding strategies. Read the post:

    How Retailers Can Leverage Closed-Loop Attribution for Greater Return On Ad Spend

    Attribution, the ability to associate advertising impressions to the outcomes they drive, is a topic that we've covered before, and one that we'll remain focused on in the future. Why? Because the marketers of today (and perhaps more importantly, of tomorrow) realize the powerful implications of being able to measure the impact that each touch point has in making a conversion happen.

  • MediaMath Blog Despite the myriad of technological advancements made in medicine within the past 25 years, there is one place where the industry has notably lagged: its marketing. However, there are telltale signs of change, with pharma marketers integrating digital into their greater marketing strategy.

    The Evolution of Pharma Marketing As We Know It

    Despite the myriad of technological advancements ( think cameras you can swallow, robotic surgery systems, and next-gen synthetic limbs) made in medicine within the past 25 years, there is one place where the industry has notably lagged: its marketing.

  • Peter Phelan, MediaMath's Chief People Officer, presented at Glass Door's Best Places to Work Roadshow last week. Peter addressed how MediaMath sets its people up for success, and outlined the company's values of scalable innovation, performance, accountability, collaboration, and empowerment. If you missed the presentation, you can access Peter's deck here:

    An Empowered Entrepreneurial Culture: Multiple CEOs

    Peter Phelan, MediaMath's Chief People Officer, presented this deck at the Glassdoor Best Places to Work Roadshow on March 18th, 2015.

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