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  • #TeamIKEA “There is no question, food is next to my heart. I have worked in the food industry for 25 years in several different countries. I even started a cooking program for kids because I believe cooking provides so much creativity and inspiration.

    Not long ago, I moved into a new apartment and needed to furnish it so I went to IKEA. For me, a visit to IKEA also means a visit to the restaurant. With my tray of Swedish meatballs in hand, I asked if there were any open food service positions. That turned out to be my lucky day!

    Even if you love working in the food industry, it can be really stressful and usually comes with long hours.

    I could not be happier working at IKEA. I have been able to use my cooking experience to introduce new ideas, but finally have work-life-balance, something that has really improved my quality of life.

    I have found my dream job where I can continue my passion for cooking.”

    Ariel Laure, Food Operations Leader
    IKEA Frisco

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  • At IKEA, striving to be a #GreatPlaceToWork is part of our vision. And we’re proud that the opinions of recent grads and the newest workforce entrants align with that vision. Thank you Forbes for recognizing us!


    America's Best Employers For New Grads

    Forbes teamed up with market research company Statista to identify the companies most liked by new workforce entrants and to produce our annual ranking of America's best employers for new graduates.

  • CAREER TIPS: “What’s the best way to really be fulfilled in your career? Think about your core values and then research to see if they match or compliment those of your current or prospective employer.

    When a company’s culture and values align with yours, you‘ll not only be fulfilled, you’ll thrive. And that’s one of the things that helps transition you from having just a job to having a career.”

    Andrew Hurd, Senior Recruiter
    IKEA Service Office (US Headquarters), Conshohocken, PA

  • CAREER TIPS: “One piece of career advice I often give is to look ahead, not behind. My favorite quote is "Why worry? If you've done the very best you can, worrying won't make it any better"- Walt Disney.

    I think we all spend too much time worrying about decisions or mistakes we have made. But mistakes are a part of life and they are how we grow. Learn to accept them, learn from your experiences and keep moving forward.”

    Kurt Mehler, Recruiter
    IKEA Service Office, Conshohocken, PA

  • What does PRIDE and working at IKEA mean to you?

    “Dedicating full time to my job, IKEA has become a second home that brings me the comforts of #acceptance. Raising the #Pride flag incites awareness and sets IKEA apart as a company that values life and love in all forms.

    At IKEA, I receive great benefits; as well as the equal opportunities to pass those benefits along to my wife to help start and grow our family. I am so proud IKEA honors our #uniqueness and celebrates our individuality globally."

    - Thara Moise, IKEA Conshohocken

  • #CareerTips "When interviewing, you’re almost always asked “tell me about yourself.” That’s why I recommend job seekers hone their 30-second elevator pitch. Once you have the information you want to share, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

    Delivering it should be natural and conversational for you. Being able to effectively share your professional summary and the value you have to offer could be the key to your next opportunity!

    Discover IKEA careers! http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vMBeP

    Amanda Abney Buchanan, MBA, Senior Recruiter
    IKEA U.S. Service Office, Conshohocken, PA

    Careers at IKEA | Home

    Career opportunities at IKEA Home furnishings, kitchens, appliances, sofas, beds, mattresses.

  • At IKEA, we are committed to providing an #inclusive workplace for everyone and advocate for #LGBTQ #equality and rights. Thanks Glassdoor for recognizing us.


    Amazing Companies That Champion LGBTQ Equality Hiring Now | Glassdoor

    From marketing campaigns, core company values and public support of Equality, to hiring and health care benefits-corporate America can be a champion for LGBTQ equality when they demonstrate their true commitment.

  • At IKEA, our culture is centered on the value of togetherness, and we strive to build a #diverse, #inclusive #workplace where everyone feels comfortable being themselves. Discover IKEA careers here: http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vM95f

    Careers at IKEA | Home

    Career opportunities at IKEA Home furnishings, kitchens, appliances, sofas, beds, mattresses.

  • At IKEA, leadership practices are based on leadership principles and life philosophy of our founder Ingvar Kamprad.

    Thank you to our facilitators for another dynamic IKEA Leadership Fundamentals (ILF) training session, which helps enable managers to lead our business through our people, by supporting them in their transition from “leading myself” to “leading others”

  • At IKEA, we celebrate IDAHOT to stand for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and people of all sexual orientations and gender identities (LGBT+)

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